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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • demonstrate and role model our HEART values and culture
  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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The combined pressures of Covid and long-term vacancies meant that waiting times for initial assessment, reviews and therapy for our Early Years children had increased significantly. Emma has put a lot of time and effort into re-designing the service provision to not only address the backlog, but also to include new innovations and pilot projects to improve the provision for children and families, particularly for children with language disorders who were identified as a group whose needs were not being met so effectively. She has included the Early Years SLT team in this process, so demonstrating the HEART values of Everyone Counts and Teamwork.




Jodie is an excellent admin assistant who goes above and beyond her role to support the Westside DN team. She is honest and kind to patients and staff and supports everyone with her calm, positive approach. Always accountable and not afraid to admit when times are tough. Jodie says her door is always open and reminds us that we are a team, a work family.



Always goes above and beyond for everyone, Always supportive and listens and encourages colleagues through hard times and through good times. Just a jolly character to the office and team nothing is every too much of a problem, Has always been there to listen and support myself through hard times. I am grateful to work with such a caring and positive colleague.



I would like to nominate Michelle not only for the support she gives to the admin and clinical teams across The Orchards and The Limes, but also for so willingly taking on the role of Admin Wellbeing Champion. Michelle has embraced this role, improved our morale, provided staff with good visual information and given us hints and tips for our Health and Mental Wellbeing. The HEART value I would link this nomination to is 'Teamwork', as Michelle has shown Leadership, Collaboration, Team Spirit and Shared Purpose in all she has done. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Chris is always so willing to help and really quick to respond to queries regarding the recruitment process. She always makes you feel that nothing is too much trouble. Her positive, helpful attitude is so appreciated especially when we are all so busy and to know that the recruitment process will go smoothly with the support of Chris really makes recruitment so much easier.


 Christine was very proactive in planning to highlight the recent national Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day. She created an information sheet which was sent to all the mainstream schools in our locality to raise awareness, and also got the tower at Festival Place (Basingstoke's central shopping centre) lit up in purple to mark the occasion! Christine also has further ideas about how to increase the impact that this day can be used to give next year. This demonstrates the HEART values of Teamwork, particularly with our schools as there is a shared responsibility to identify this need, and Accountability, in that it is our responsibility to highlight this need to ensure that children are not missed.

Pete goes above and beyond every day to support the three mass vaccination centres across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
Often having to work to very tight deadlines to review and flex capacity according to demand and workforce availability.
Pete is always friendly, adaptable and goes out of his way to support the teams and the wider programme. Pete always demonstrates a 'can do' attitude and whilst he supports the vaccination programme remotely he is a very valued member of the team.



I was feeling nervous about having a procedure, but Jo put me at ease right from the start. It was clear that she really cared about her job and the patient in front of her, and she displayed genuine kindness and compassion. I experience no judgement from her when I explained that I wanted to try for a 4th baby. She talked me through the relevant information in a non-judgemental way, and wished me well on my 'exciting journey'. As someone who also works for the NHS, we all too often hear the complaints, and not the positive stuff, so I wanted to nominate Jo for your award. Even if she doesn't win it, I'd really like you to pass on my thanks to her for the excellent care I received.


I am: A patient or service user

Jessica has helped me since my start at Solent.  She has dedicated herself towards the clients we see and helping them towards being more independent at home always giving 100% to both team and clients, nothing is to much for her. She has now decided to become an OT for Solent. We will miss a great person but sure she will be a excellent OT for Solent. She treats everyone with respect and as an individual listens to what the client wants to achieve during their time with us. Jessica gives out information to families so they can read and learn about the health conditions the clients have and help them understand. To sum it up Jessica is an amazing person and she shows all of the Heart values everyday.



I would like to Thank Teresa for always putting her staff first, listening to them. Supporting them through troubled times or just generally in life. Teresa has always tried to be fair and flexible to everyone and be there for everyone within the team. Trying to pull us together as a team. If it wasn't for Teresa Supporting me in my journey I wouldn't be here in my role progressing. Thank you Teresa for being you.




This team work hard and go over and above to care for the patients. They are a highly skilled team and deserve a little recognition in these very hard times at work when moral is low. This award is certainly a deserving one for those who are dedicated and care.


 I never fully appreciated the role of an NHS communications team, their intent and impact.
Throughout the ongoing pandemic I have been blown away by their professional approach, their open and honest nature and their unwavering desire to do all they can to provide the right information to staff, patients, service users and the general public.
A sometimes unrecognised, yet invaluable service, I often remind them they too are front line workers, continually putting themselves in different clinic situations, all at risk. Yet they always take the relevant precautions to keep themselves, their colleagues and patients safe. They are not afraid to remind clinical staff of best practice and are comfortable and able to seek advice and guidance where needed.
They uphold Solent's values in all they do and I feel must be recognised for their ongoing contribution to staff and patient safety.


Nomination 2: The communications team provides high quality information and content which has been instrumental in keeping both staff and public informed and reassured particularly during the pandemic. The scale and breadth of the work of the comms team is rarely understood or seen. The team does all it can, day in day out to uphold the Trust's values with all of the content it produces and cascades to all of its audiences.



The safeguarding team are truly amazing, despite the significant increase in safeguarding concerns since the pandemic, they have quietly but efficiently continued to provide an excellent and extremely responsive service so that all staff throughout the Trust feel supported and empowered to fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities.

The pandemic has created many challenges for the team, which they have met with dedication and professionalism ensuring that all aspects of our roles continued and changed to meet the new demands.

Despite the increased demand and the challenges that we have all experienced during the pandemic the safeguarding team have continued to develop the service they provide, including developing new training presentations, and are working to implement a visibility model so that they can work more directly with front line services.

I have been extremely proud to lead the team, they are dedicated, exceptional, and a fabulous team that truly embody the Trust values and always strive to improve outcomes for children and adults who live in Portsmouth, Southampton, the Isle of Wight and Hampshire.


 I would like to nominate all the in-patient administration staff who work across The Orchards and The Limes. It has been a particularly challenging time within in-patients continuing COVID issues and concerns. Staff have willingly covered each other, worked across both units and tried their best to maintain an admin service to all. Solent HEART values are embedded in how we all work, but I would particularly link this nomination to 'Teamwork', which can be fragile at times, but is at the HEART of all they do. Thank you all.


The team are small yet able to respond to all queries and questions directed at them quickly and efficiently. They have worked so hard over the past 18months supporting every single member of staff and patient within our Trust, ensuring they are safe and receiving the best care possible during this difficult time.



the team have been so brilliant with all the changes and adaptions we have had to throw their way for the development of safegaurding training. they are always responsive , kind, helpful and thoughtful. willing to adapt and change for the benefit of the clients and staff.



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