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As a charge nurse from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust I visited Spinnaker last week to gain an insight in how they care for their patients and utilise the facilities at their disposal, to improve the care we provide on our rehabilitation ward and gain ideas for our upcoming renovation. Cheryl was wonderful, she gave me time and an enthusiastic insight into the care provided on Spinnaker. Her dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge shone through. She was a great advert for the ward and Trust.

Zoey Whymark has been instrumental in the development of the Community nursing service in Portsmouth. Her hard work in supporting the team with the implementation of new processes has been significant and as a result , we have seen significant improvement in the quality of the service provided. Zoey works over and above to ensure that the teams are kept updated with communications , new processes and new ways of working. Zoey supports the provision of Nursing care by ensuring that all staff have access to the right equipment and resources to carry out their roles. Nothing is too much trouble. Zoey has worked for the service for many years and should be acknowledged for her hard work and dedication to the service.

Nomination 2: Zoey goes that extra mile every day to support others, she is approachable hard working and strives to ensure the Trust values are core to her daily work. She engages extremely well with colleagues of all levels within and outside the Trust and consistently delivers an extremely high standard of work that supports and enable safe and effective care delivery to patients and their families. Zoey is a highly valued well respected member of the management admin team in Portsmouth, her dedication and professionalism deserves acknowledgement and this is why I am nominating her for an award!


Liz is one of our Health Visitors, and is a key member of our team who shows honesty, respectfulness and dedication in all aspects of her work. Liz consistently demonstrates total passion and commitment to improving the service we offer to our clients. In addition to giving outstanding support to families (always going the extra mile), she regularly support students on placement, and actively seeks out ways to be the voice of the Health Visiting profession to ensure we progress as a service to meet the needs of our clients. We feel very lucky to have Liz within our team!

Gemma was very helpful and instrumental in creating a poster for the pharmacy department.
Despite sending multiple edits and changes, Gemma acted on them quickly and the end result was brilliant.

Margo always has time to be with the patients.

Her communication skills are much appreciated by the patients on the ward. Passing time with them, listening, gaining information and seeing the core elements that make up their individual needs and care.

Nothing is every to much for Kaylee, she has tireless commitment for her service and is always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone. She is always friendly, upbeat and extremely focused on ensuring she provide the best possible service to everyone. No matter how busy Kaylee is, she will always make time to support anyone who needs help.

David has been instrumental in helping to change and rebuild the lives of young people struggling with mental health issues. He is kind, compassionate and a true professional.

Natalie plays an integral role in the management and organisation of ASP Serious investigations , mortality Reviews and Incidents. Her hard work has particularly been of benefit to the Community nursing service and has helped to reduce the numbers of cases being managed with her swift action and focus to detail. Natalie carries out this work alongside her other duties as part of the management admin team. Natalie has played a key role in the on going success and development of our service.

Nomination 1:

I would like to nominate the above staff nurse Adele Wilton for a Solent Award. Adele goes above and beyond in her nursing role, and has been an excellent support to me over recent months when I have come up against problems with our Palliative Patients. She gives excellent advice when she has been co-ordinating on the extended nursing service which for me has been invaluable. She has visited our patients when we have run over our shift time because of issues and has come out to support us. Her compassion, dedication is a testament to just how much her nursing role means to her. She is excellent at communicating especially around the lone working policy. Working collaboratively alongside other community teams, she definitely promotes teamwork. We encountered a late finish two days ago to which Adele contacted me to make sure that I had got home safe. She is a credit to the nursing service and should be used as an example as to what an excellent nurse is.


Adele covers a number of shifts out of hours and as her clinical lead I have now received a number of emails that indicate she is regularly going above and beyond for her colleagues and her patients often staying well beyond her hours to ensure that palliative patients on the caseload are seen if they call in to the service. She deserves recognition for her continued commitment to her patients, colleagues and the Trust where despite the recent challenges facing out of hours community nursing she has remained positive and supportive to her patients and colleagues

We think Martin goes above and beyond to be supportive and accessible when we are managing crisis on a daily basis.

Susan is a star in regards to quality improvement. Clinical Audit and NICE guidelines are not everyone's favourite subject, but Susan goes over and above to support our Service Line in managing our Annual Plans, ensuring we are up to date with current NICE guidance, and that we can evidence this. Susan is always willing to share her knowledge when required. She can be relied upon to nag us when we need it, and does it in such a lovely way. The work she does is under-rated and should not be over looked. Thank you Susan.

Pat, is wonderful, funny and a pleasure to work with. She is always smiling and joking and laughing. She is very caring about others, and the patient's. She works beyond her contracted hours to type up admissions that come in when she is on shift and meant to be going home. She stays until all the work is done, and goes above and beyond for all of the nurses, health care assistants, and therapy staff. Pat always is on hand to help , she simply goes above and beyond on a regular basis. Pat is not aware of just how much we appreciate her. She can put a smile on your face in an instant and makes the ward a wonderful place to be.

Dave always goes above and beyond the call of duty for his clients and he is not judgemental to his clients. This is always reflected in the feedback that we get from his former and current clients. He always goes the extra mile for his clients and he always sees a positive dynamic which is usually hidden by drug and alcohol addiction. He always believes that everyone counts irregadless of their background, social class, cultural beliefs. He always values the team 's views and is confident to challenge some of the beliefs and is also willing to educate some colleagues and is also willing to learn from other team members. He will acknowledge accountability with his clients and is respectful of the input from the other team members. He always sees the potential in our clients and always has hope that they will change.

Patient nomination!

I have been experiencing much difficulty getting the dental treatment I need. This is because I am heavy and swollen with lymphedema and my wheelchair is too big and heavy for the recliner at Somerstown. Sofia referred me to Southampton and while she was doing this, went out of her way to be as helpful as she could. This was lovely and reassuring and represented her 100% care for me and the substantial difficulties I was experiencing. At last the appt at Southampton was due. To my horror, the ambulance would not take me because my wheel chair did not have the appropriate anchor points. They have had to start to enforce this regulation and I had no idea about it. Hence the appt and Sofia's work was wasted, and she, and her colleague Holly at Southampton had to grit their teeth (ha ha) in frustration. Holly took the time to talk to me on the phone and Sofia had to help me again. There was more urgency this time as I am likely to have to undergo major surgery this year and my dental work needs to be completed. Sofia phoned again and has now referred me to QA. Nothing was too much trouble for her, and she respected and listened to what I had to say, and included me in the decision making.
For me, I have become totally aware of her commitment to all of her patients, not just me, and her infinite patience and professionalism. Her surgery is a quiet, reassuring room, where you know instantly that you are in safe hands. She does not miss the tiniest detail in her work, and also takes steps to ensure your care and safety after treatment.
I am quite moved by writing this. Many people experience such fear about visits to the dentist but after your first visit to Somerstown you know there is no need to worry anymore. All of the surgery staff whom she leads have this reassuring and patient approach to their work.
I hope you will take the time to read this nomination. As I say, I am very moved by what I have written and could not ask for a better and more professional person to nominate. Thank you Sofia, with all my heart.

I am nominating Mandy because I feel she is very dedicated to her job, she is very passionate about the patients and making a difference to them. Mandy likes things to run smoothly and fast but effective to make sure the patients get the most out of the ward but without staying an unhealthy length of time. Mandy is very honest and she is great to work with, Mandy has great order about the ward and ensures the patients and staff are both respected and ensured everybody receives fair treatment. Mandy has a great work ethic where she is very efficient, enthusiastic, respectful and is brilliant at working in a team. Mandy ensures all staff works together as a team to provide safe care for the patients, she is respected by the patients and she is trusted by them all.


Nomination 2:Very caring and compassionate towards her patients and staff.

Kerry has a passion for helping our hard to reach and vulnerable clients. She always goes the extra mile to offer them support and assistance and builds up a positive relationship acting as a role model. She goes out of her way to ensure she is culturally sensitive to the clients needs and respects there opinions and beliefs. Nothing is every considered a chore whether its collecting food for clients or walking with them so that their children can access health services. Community working can often be isolating, Kerry is dedicated in her role and always ensures she is supportive of the wider team and her openness and willingness to offer support when she can makes it a pleasure to work for with. Clients are always asking for her support and often share some very difficult issues with her which she listens to and shares any concerns that need addressing She is valued as a member of the small the health visiting team and her caring nature is respected and appreciated as a member of the wider Homeless Team and Network. She works in partnership with other agencies to ensure that clients have the best service available and is always professional. I feel it is important to recognise the good work she does with a hard to reach and vulnerable client group.

During the last few months, Monique has been committed to introducing the Pressure Ulcer changes following the NHS Improvement plan. She has been a strong leader and worked tirelessly to ensure that Solent are meeting the recommendations and providing consistency in the reporting of pressure ulcers. She has lead with the development of the new Pressure Ulcer reporting systems and created training and support for Solent Staff, whilst meeting the daily challenges which arise when working as part of a large organisation. As a team we feel that she should be commended for her resilience and perseverance in this mammoth undertaking. As well as this, she has also maintained her role as a hands on Clinical Leader, who is always there to answer questions and support us personally.

I would like to nominate Nikki for manager of the month for her amazing support towards staff. She is always available to listen to concerns and takes note of issues raised and acts on these. She has supported me personally in my professional development and has gone above and beyond giving me her time and implementing a development programme for me. Her support has allowed me to develop and grow into my new role and reach my potential. Nikki makes you feel confident in her management but is always willing to come onto the ward and muck in when it is needed.

Brad is newish into this role and already he has exceeded our expectations, he is always available for any queries, he never delays in getting things sorted. We recently had a new starter and if there were any issues this was resolved within hours. He has also supported me in my NVQ 3. Since Brad has been in post I have already had an apprasial as well as 2 1-1s, I feel I am able to talk and tell him anything. He is an asset.

Very supportive & effective as a line manager and overseeing manager. Lauren is a pleasure to work with, shows understanding, empathy, yet quite pro-active hardworking & demonstrates good decision making skill.

Excellent team ethos, very supportive of each other and everyone goes above and beyond to be there for each other. The Team Supervisors Kath and Karen are the best, always there supporting and caring about their team. The Team continues to work together in stressful and challenging situations. I can say this is the best team and group of individuals I have the pleasure of calling my work colleagues and more so my friends.


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