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We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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  • demonstrate innovation that is keeping more people safe and well at home, or improving the patient journey and experience
  • use their work to deliver improvements in safety and quality
  • clearly use the experience of communities and patients to inform their work , improve safety and quality or to change care
  • demonstrate collaboration with partners to lead influence and shape the delivery of care across the local health and care system

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Hayley has worked for the NHS for 25 years, she has built good relationships with service users to the extent that she has saved a life. During one night duty, there were 2 silent calls, she took a third call, but there was no voice, however , she could hear some distressed breathing. She listened and asked a question and the called responded with a single grunt. From this Hayley thought she recognised the callers tone of voice and asked if it was the person she was guessing it was. Again the caller responded with grunting noises to all questions. Hayley realised that this might be a caller who has serious health issues including COPD and arranged for the ambulance service to attend- this could have been a 999 call sending the ambulance to a completely wrong address! However, Hayley stayed on the line and tried to keep the caller responding. all the while wondering if she had done the right thing. She was supported by her colleague in calling the ambulance and the SCAS in sending a crew to attend what could have been a very embarrassing or difficult situation if her guess was wrong and the crew arrived at a wrong address. Finally she heard the ambulance crew shouting through the letterbox as the caller ceased to make any noise. The crew had to break the door down and the patient had had a respiratory arrest and spent some weeks in Hospital recovering. Without Hayley's intimate knowledge and many years of experience this could have been a catastrophic outcome , the patient could have died. The patient made a full recovery and was able to thank Hayley when they next met.

Great team player, always supporting the team. Has been essential for the team, during a stressful period.

Stephen is always so caring, empathetic and treats all of our patients as individuals giving them a good standard of care. His communication skills are of great value to the patients as he speaks with them, understanding their concerns and worries.                                                                                    Stephen always assists other staff members, being a great supporter of his fellow colleagues. He is tolerant at all levels, always polite and prioritises his work to the values of required intervention.

Bernie has been very supportive and very helpful with a new way of working within our service. We are an integrated service and we have been working on a project with our Southampton City Council colleagues and Solent Health Visiting colleagues to design a new way to deliver a Group health review to our two year old children in the city. Bernie has been a great team player, supporting her colleagues and sharing her knowledge and ideas to improve care. Bernie is vey dedicated to ensuring our children receive the best care possible and has often gone over and above to make sure our families get the best experience. Thank you for all of your heard work Bernie. 

Lisa was employed in her role as Learning Centre Co-ordinator / Reception in October 2019 to support the newly refurbished Learning and Development, Block C when it was opened. From the beginning we have consistently received outstanding feedback for the way she provides support which is "always above and beyond users expectations" in support of them providing their training and courses. It is said that Lisa is always helpful, looks for solutions where problems have existed and is always very welcoming to visitors and staff using the building. Lisa is often described as "fantastic", "a real credit to the organisation", "friendly, helpful and professional" "She is a credit to the service" In respect of linking this nomination to Solent values I would consider Lisa to have excellent communication skills, very person-centred, supportive to staff and visitors using the facilities at C Block. She takes ownership of her role and without doubt shows that she is empowered and uses her initiative to the max, this has been the case since her first day and as her manager I would agree with the sentiments of those who have given very positive feedback regarding Lisa's contribution and work ethic.

Chris has been a fantastic collegue always willing to help with the bank team who are all new and didn't have any handover. He is always willing to sit and explain and also answer quieries where he can as he has previous knowledge and experience working within the team. A true team spirit!!!!!

Alisa has only been in the team for only a short time however during this time she has proven to be an extremely valuable team member. She has worked tirelessly at tasks which at times have been tedious but which have now allowed us to develop pathways within the service.
She is committed and pro active within her role and willing and keen to take on new initiatives. She is trustworthy and supportive and an asset to the service.

Sally has been so very helpful in recent weeks, I just want to say thank you and really believe she deserves this award. She has always answered my questions promptly, and there have been lots of them! She has such a wealth of knowledge and she has been very supportive, enabling me to navigate the challenges much easier than I would have been able to do alone. She has shown constant professionalism and her help has been very very much appreciated. Thank you Sally.

As an OT service we have been highlighting a variety of areas that require further training for our teams. However, there have been difficulties securing funding to allow all OT's to receive specialist training. Hannah took it on herself to seek funding avenues through the Elizabeth Casson Trust on behalf of all the OT's within Solent children's therapies. Hannah has been successful in her quest and we are now able to hold a three day training course for all the OT's within children's therapies to complete the CO-OP course. As a service we are exceptionally grateful to Hannah for all her work securing this funding.#


Nomination 2: Provision of training for qualified OTs has been limited to house training sessions. This falls at a time when there has been a real game change in the way OT should be provided for children & families, with evidence greatly supporting strategy teaching and self/familial-resilience, largely in the form of COOP training. The Trust has been working for several years to have training provided to staff however this has not been forthcoming. The COOP therapeutic intervention is in line with Transformation as it lays the locus of control for change with the individual/their family. It is solution and not impairment focussed. Evidence shows that the rates of re-referrals are reduced as strategies are embedded. Identifying this as an area of need for OTs across the Children and Families service, Hannah independently sought financial support from the Royal College of OT. She gathered quotes from qualified trainers for whole Trust training She prepared a business case, with short, medium and long term aims of the training She prepared the funding application form. The request was short listed and we found out on the 13th that the application was successful. I would like to nominate Hannah Yelling for a Solent Award as she saw a limitation and persevered to find an answer.

I would like to nominate Tracey for this award in recognition of her amazing leadership skills in the delivery of the Relocation of the Turner Centre from St. James Hospital to St. Mary's. She has demonstrated the HEART values during the whole process and ensured the voice of all staff has been heard throughout the project. No matter was too large or small and staff were given every opportunity to shape and input into the project. The staff now have a new facility of which they can be proud and patients have a fantastic new environment in which to receive care and intervention. Thank you Tracey for your passion, enthusiasm and energy. 

Nomination 2: Tracy delivers Solents core values everyday in her positive approach to work. Her work ethic is second to none she is an asset to Solent Trust.

Nomination 3: Tracey delivers the core values of Solent everyday in her role. She always has a positive attitude and is an asset to Solent.

Nomination 4: Tracey is a very hard working individual who maintains a warm and thoughtful disposition with her employees, regardless of the stresses that come from our departments extreme work load. She strives to make her employees comfortable within their job roles and makes a true effort to connect with them on a personal level, taking down the invisible barrier between the bands.

Nomination 5: Making Sure Everyone Counts / teamwork - Tracey worked really hard to make sure everyone was involved with and happy with the move etc.

Nomination 6: Tracey certainly demonstrates the HEART values and cultures. Tracey is very approachable and helpful as well as being very knowledgeable. The move from St James' Hospital to St Mary's Hospital wouldn't have gone so smoothly if it wasn't for her.



I've changed my role in July, this was a difficult period for me as I'm registered blind. Chrissy was supportive,understanding and inspiring. This is the first time that I have felt comfortable about my disability and not embarrassed in the work place.

I was asked to lead the Health Advising team in their results management, that was my brief and I have to say that I faced it with significant interpretation and concern. As a sexual health clinician and I had some overview of what the team did from receiving results and notifying our patients but that was the extent of it.
The Health Advisors had not been managed as a team previously but had operated within their own localities.
I was advised and decided that honesty would be the best policy, I knew that I would have to be open about my limited understanding of their role and that I would have to trust the support and guidance they provided. They would need to be open and develop trust in each other, sharing ideas and knowledge in order to establish a collective team that could then maximise efficiency to effectively meet targets.
And that is why I am nominating this amazing team today because that is exactly what they did and have consistently continued to do. The team that have come together have shown enormous patience , understanding ,guidance and are always thoroughly supportive and responsive to anything that needs to get done.
The essential role they play is often overlooked as much of it is happening in the background but their work never stops as screening continues everyday.The patient is always the centre of their focus, their priority and very member of the team is essential in achieving the outcomes for the patient and service and is equally respected for the role the play by the team.
At the very start of this team forming I could see that each individual had their strengths and challenges as we all do but what I had not expected was how this team would come together and share their knowledge ,be honest and ask when they were uncertain because they trusted and respected one another , with any professional or locality based rivalry was set aside.
That is not to say that when,as a team ,we look at the weekly performance( set against our targets) in the different localities we don't see a competitive streak appearing.... but it is with humour and the team volunteer to support their colleagues across the patch where additional help may be needed.
It is that point that holds the most significance for me, this team have collectively faced and are facing potentially life changing events, diagnosis and bereavement either personally with partners or within their direct family. They have looked out for each other, offered help, volunteered to work on days off, changed their work patterns all in order to enable their colleagues to have the time to support their loved ones and have time to personally and physically recover.
We talk about pride but I can not understate the real pride I have in being a part of this team and their evolution, seeing real friendships form, to work with colleagues that have such a can do attitude and a genuine desire to develop the service to be the best it can be.
As professionals and as colleagues I applaud you.

Nomination 2:  They manage patients holistically looking at all their needs and go above and beyond for patients. They have good attention to detail. No job is too small or too big for them. They help enormously in treating the STIs in a timely manner and help the Sexual Health and HIV teams a lot.

Nomination 3 :  I've only recently started my position as Receptionist within the Sexual Health team at RSH and I feel so welcomed and homely already. The team go above and beyond for all patients and colleagues alike, making sure everyone feels at ease at all times and ensuring that they're listened to intently. It is an amazing environment to work and spend time in, everyone is so friendly and welcoming it feels like you're at home or meeting with an old friend. Everything is taken care of in the most professional yet caring matter, what with sensitive and confidential information at stake. I've not heard a bad word spoken about the team or the service, and our feedback proves this. Everyone works so well together and individually, which is crucial for any workplace but especially one like this, making the visiting and working experience that much easier. This is the best way I can think of to thank everyone for their work and for such a warm welcome onto the team.

Nomination 4:  HA team are the backbone to our HIV and sexual health service and they do such an amazing job.

Nomination 5: They have helped me so many times and always seem happy to help when I go around to the office with a query.

Nomination 6: The health advising team in Portsmouth have always had an openness with each other, taking responsibility for their own mistakes and speaking up when they see something that they believe might be wrong. The team have taken the time to look out for one another, listen to each other and support each other is such difficult times in their personal lives. Through such difficult times the team have still managed to get things done in a timely manner, doing what they say they will achieve for the trust. The team have shown compassion within the team to colleagues who are struggling with personal matters and this is on going support. The team celebrate birthdays and recognise team members achievements, they hold regular team eatings, where they get together for dinner and catch up outside of the workplace. The team in Portsmouth have suffered personal tragedies and have managed to continue to look after each other and complete their workload efficiently.


We have recently supported an extremely complex and challenging patient across the two wards within Solent's neurological rehab services. The teams have worked effectively together demonstrating a shared approach and high level of skill to ensure the patient and their family remained at the centre of care planning and delivery throughout the patients in-patient stay. An associated SI investigation highlighted exemplary practise and high level problem solving skills from both teams. Collaboration across the healthcare system was required to secure appropriate longer term care and everyone worked above and beyond to keep our patient safe and well. I am proud to lead a team that lives the HEART values every single day and especially proud of the teamwork and compassionate care demonstrated in this case.

Over the past year the Extended Team have been working hard on reducing wait times for children and young people accessing the team for on-going therapeutic intervention for their presenting mental health needs. The team has gone from a 40+week wait to, currently, a 9 week wait and are actively exploring how this can be sustained. The work on reducing the wait time has incorporated all the HEART values due to the team being honest with families about wait times and with one another about individual caseload pressures, Everyone Counts - working collectively to generate ideas to reduce wait times, Accountable - to each other and line manager about timely case closes and taking on new cases, Respect - acknowledging impact of wait times for families in a compassionate manner and respecting management in supporting caseload changes and Team Work - the team worked together across business support and clinicians to ensure that we reduced the wait times. This has been a real team effort and I am very proud of my team for achieving this hence my nomination for the Team Award - they are already the Team of the Year in my eyes.


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