We are committed to giving  great care to our service users and patients. Our people do exceptional things, this is your opportunity to nominate and vote for those who really make a difference.  You can nominate either a whole team, an individual person in the colleague category or an outstanding manager. You can then vote for the winner by clicking on the images below the nomination form.

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Outstanding development of professional development. after meeting a year as a newly qualified nurse in a highly demanding and vastly changing area of working. Her ability to be professional and appropiately challenging is extremely admirable. Especially as it clear the intentions are for the needs of the patients, her collegues and the service. She is inspirational.


1 - Dan has a very caring disposition, and made sure when I was taken ill, that I was fine and continued to ask after my health to this day.

2 - I would like to nominate Dan Meron for a Solent award for his care shown to a member of Solent staff, going above and beyond.
One cold morning a member of the performance team was having some breathing difficulties, and was not responding to her inhaler. Dan in passing noticed this issue and enquired about what was going on, he then over the following hours monitored her and ensured that she recovered, including finding out that she was long overdue an appointment with the Asthma clinic. Over the following weeks he ensured that he checked up upon her progression in getting an appointment with the clinic and had attended. Upon finding out she was waiting until pay day to get her new prescription (as she couldn't afford it) he disappeared off and returned with an envelope containing money for her prescription. I am fully aware that within the NHS this sort caring happens constantly, but for a senior member of staff to look after a member of staff in this way I feel that he went way above the call of duty and is due recognition for his actions.

Suzi joined the Southshore District Nursing Team in September as a newly qualified nurse with little community experience, she has excelled in such a short space of time. Suzi is very thorough with her work and the care she provides to the patients she visits and follows through with all the care she gives. the team have been through challenges recently but has remained positive at all times and is a real credit to our team.

I would like to nominate Fiona for a Solent Award because I feel she really does deserve it, she never complains about anything and is always the first person to offer to help if she can. Through my time of working for the Special Care Dental Service she has not only been an amazing colleague to work with, but she has become a good friend to me, I would like to thank her for being so supportive. I will be sad to no longer be made hot chocolates by her! but I will be even sadder to no longer be working with her.

Nothing is every to much for Kaylee, she has tireless commitment for her service and is always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone. She is always friendly, upbeat and extremely focused on ensuring she provide the best possible service to everyone. No matter how busy Kaylee is, she will always make time to support anyone who needs help.

Dariusz is a very keen worker , working with a very knowledgeable and caring attitude . Always have plenty of drive/ energy in carrying his work forward .Dariusz is very thoughtful , assisting patients with their daily needs and always willing to help all grades of staff . A good attitude always approachable , keen to move on with future training .

Patient nomination!

James treated me with utmost respect,was very polite and understood my health problem, and throughout treatment was very gentle and informative of of my injury, gave me continuing good advice on our to manage my problem now and in the future

Cara responded to the staff survey by seeking to find out information and she was proactive in her approach. She has a really positive outlook and engaged her colleagues to feedback though the different channels of tweeting and having constructive and supportive conversations in meetings. I believe her actions had a positive effect on the result for the child and family survey. The feedback gathered through this method can be used for the future of this service line and make Solent a great place to work.

Dillon is a great team player, good with patients and this month has been great in two separate incidents - one of them involving a deteriorating patient.


1: Lisa has done some superb work on the Isle of Wight with the mobilisation of the service there and also in engaging with Team members to make them feel part of Solent. This was really successful and down to her hard work and determination within a short time scale. Well done Lisa!

2: Lisa has been very supportive with the change over from Somerset to Solent she is always very friendly and helpful.

3: If I've needed someone to talk to she has always made time. She has listened and given good advice. She's friendly, approachable and a good role model

4: I would like to nominate Lisa because she has made us feel very welcome as we have recently joined Solent as a service from Somerset. She has made herself available in person, email or telephone to deal with the day to day issues that we have experienced in this transition period. I love Lisa, she is such a nice person.

5: Lisa has been very approachable and helpful in the transition from Somerset to Solent, helping us with any issues we have. Always smiling and positive.

6: for giving the Isle of Wight 100% of her time and helping us with all our problems we have occurred. Lisa is approachable and happy to help where every she can, the move over from Somerset to Solent has been brilliant a move done with ease and without stress.

7: Lisa has supported us fantastically through our transition into Solent. She is approachable and always available on the end of the phone. This has made life on the Island much better.

8: Has been an amazing lead and support to us all during this difficult time, always has time for everyone.

9: The reason for nominating Lisa is that since the takeover of our service, Isle of Wight, she has always been exceptionally helpful and made me feel welcomed into the new team. She is very approachable and gets results.

10: The outstanding support that she has given us during a difficult transition to Solent. There on every level on any matter making us feel part of your family/Team.



My colleagues and I wanted to nominate Sonya Power for being a fantastic manager. We have gone through a number of changes. Sonya has held the team together. She has taken a lot of reasonability on her shoulders and has tried to remain positive despite challenges. It is an honour to work under such an experience nurse who thinks outside the box to support her patients. As a team we value her leadership and dedication to ensure our team continues to work through and support each other.

Nomination 2: Being supportive of team members particularly with current staffing challenges.


1: Beverley Bayes, has decided to retire after many years of Nursing service all around Portsmouth, she has finished her role as Team Manager for PRRT (Portsmouth Rehab Reablement Team), where she is a very supportive, hardworking amazing women. The team will be very sad to see her go and I feel a Solent Award would be a good send off for her considering all her years of service. She always puts the patients needs first. She is compassionate and passionate and has every quality and good nurse should have.

2: Bev is the manager of PRRT and is due to retire at the end of December. I have also worked with Bev in ED QA Hospital. Bev is very focussed on what it is right for our patients and supports the PRRT staff team to meet client goals. Bev is an amazing leader and really values her staff. I joined the team early this year and Bev made me feel very welcome and an integrated member of the team.

3: Beverly is an excellent manager always approachable and pushing her staff to be the best they can. Beverly is excellent with patients, families and other professionals. She has a wide knowledge base and will be a great loss to the team when she retires.

4: Bev is an amazing manager she is understanding and is kind but realistic and manages a very large team with great results she is amazing.

5: Bev has been a wonderful lead to the Team, she is always there when in need, easy person to approach and a good listener.

6: Calm, professional, caring, knowledgeable, a good and highly respected Modern Matron.

7: Bev remains calm at all times, and gives everyone the time of day.

8: Brilliant manager, works hard, approachable, always thinking of her tram. Cares for the patients and her team workers. Best manager I have ever worked for and with.

9: Bev is retiring this month and we will miss her so much and she will leave very big boots to fill. Bev is a fabulous lead and is always around to support, listen and give advise. Bev is also never afraid to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in when needed.

10: Bev is such a knowledgeable & supportive Matron, she is one of a kind & deserves recognition of the work she has done and for being such an approachable person who is always passing on her skills & support to others.

11: Because she is the best manager I've ever had. she always there to talk to whenever you need her and gives great advice.

12: Bev has been a fantastic Community Matron and manager to PRRT.  She is very supportive to the whole of the team, she has encouraged staff development and always has an open door policy. Bev is so knowledgeable and skilled as a Community Matron-and is a great teacher to all the team. Working alongside such an inspirational leader has been a privilege. I will miss Bev very much when she starts her well deserved retirement.

13:  Bev our Lovely matron is retiring and I will be very sad to see her go. She is an amazing manager that is very approachable to talk to about anything. She puts her staff team first and really cares about us all.

14: Bev has been a wonderful manager and provided the greatest support, advice and reassurance when it has been needed. She is vey approachable and always knows how to lift the teams spirits.

15: Bev is an excellent community matron. Highly respected, extremely supportive. Knowledgeable and highly skilled with a long service in the NHS. Bev encourages and supports progression within the team, one of the most approachable managers I have ever had.


I have been in this team since June 2018, all the PSW and clinical team are very caring and compassionate. The support and care is gold standard, I will be leaving and just wont them all to know how much they have make in the end of life care to the patients and support they give to the family's. Solent are so very lucky to have such a great team and need to express this to them all, the service has been running for 10 years and they are just about to celebrate this service well-done to a great team.

CAMHS West and BRS jointly facilitated the Southampton World Mental Health Day - this was a whole team approach, raising awareness of children's mental health and resilience at the earliest opportunity. This was a partnership approach between CAMHS West & BRS. This took the form of facilitating a Mental Health fair at one of the secondary schools in the city, inviting in our colleagues from the voluntary sector and touched every staff member and pupil in attendance at the school on that day. This included raising awareness, reducing stigma, promoting the importance of "talking", mindfulness & yoga workshops etc. In addition the team also ran a bus, that went out to reach three of the primary schools in the city, targeting year 6 pupils and focussing on resilience for transition. Brilliant engagement & creativity on the day. Feedback from young people was really positive and thought provoking. As a positive consequence, further focussed workshops are planned we two of our other secondary schools in the city who are experiencing some specific challenges. Great early intervention and awareness. Thank you Chantal, Ann, Lindsay & Teams.


Nomination2: For the great work carried out by the Early Intervention CAMHS WEST Team on World Mental Health Day.

I really believe they deserve recognition for all the hard work they have put in to integrating. We came together as a health and social care rehab and reablement service in 2016 and since then each individual has put a lot of energy and flexibility into working differently. This has included challenges such as getting to know two clinical record systems (Paris and SystmOne), learning about each other's role, developing and using a shared assessment, and broadening knowledge and skills. Many in the team have taken on wider roles (e.g. falls assessments, sensory lead roles, rest home link roles) without any financial reward and recognition, just because they care and want to make a difference. Every day I am amazed by their dedication to the people they work for, and their ability to work with change and develop the service. They have truly embraced integration despite all the challenges and I think this needs to be recognised and applauded. They truly embody the Better Care motto of 'working together to make a difference in Southampton'.

The nursing team on Maples have been very flexible over the last few months, moving as needed across the Orchards to support their colleagues on the Acute ward. The team should be proud of the excellent work they do and the positive impact that their flexibility has on their colleagues and all patients at the Orchards.
Well done!


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