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Staff Nurse Kochu is a very organised Nurse . Fully aware of what is needed and required to be done on our Ward , for our Patients . Kochu knows so much information about Mental Health and General Nursing , always and willing to share and explain patients diagnosis , their Medications , remembering all aspects of present care and what is being planned for their future . Always calm and , leads her shift with Professionalism in a thoughtful way , always available to help and assist staff , leading by her fine example. A good memory for knowing all that is required for our Patients during their stay always focused.

She is so helpful and Knowledgeable. She was so supportive when I was learning System One.

Outstanding development of professional development. after meeting a year as a newly qualified nurse in a highly demanding and vastly changing area of working. Her ability to be professional and appropiately challenging is extremely admirable. Especially as it clear the intentions are for the needs of the patients, her collegues and the service. She is inspirational.

Kelly has made my pulmonary rehabilitation a joy to attend her happy knowledgeable way of getting you go to do exercises you most probably do not want to do is brilliant I can honestly say it has transformed my life.

During his Data Analyst Apprenticeship, Callum has become first port of call for queries relating to Workforce statistics and information as published by Solent. Callum is approachable, cheery and is always responds swiftly and professionally to information requests. He's flexible, always goes over and above to help and will find the answer if he doesn't know it himself. In addition to this he's enthusiastic about his Apprenticeship and has developed excellent skills in his chosen field at a phenomenal pace.

Nomination 1: I would like to nominate Michelle for taking on, with little notice, the CQC inspection administrative role. Despite knowing little about CQC or inspections, she has taken on the admin with great clarity, thoughtfulness and timeliness. She has made the complex easy, and provided an oasis of calm. Nothing is too much trouble, everything is done with a smile and "Do you need anything else?" She absolutely upholds and represents Solent values, and I think she has made all of our lives very much easier over the last few weeks. Thank you , Michelle!

2: Michelle has picked up additional work in supporting the recent CQC visit, been flexible in her working hours, taking on more responsibility, whilst still supporting and servicing the team, arranging meetings, taking and producing minutes.

3: Nothing is too much trouble for Michelle; no matter how much other work she has to do requests for help are always met with friendly positive response

Gillian was visiting a palliative patient with a second year student when a relatives dog which lives at the property attacked the student, Gillian put herself in the way of danger and assisted to release the dog from the students arm. Once she knew the student had come to no serious harm, she spoke with the family and contacted the relevant staff ensuring at all times that the student was safe and supported. Gill put herself in danger to protect this student and thoroughly deserves recognition for this.

Nomination 1: Angie has done an amazing job of welcoming all the newly qualified nurses into the Trust. The dedication and hard work that has gone into the induction programme and making us feel part of the team is very much appreciated. This gentle introduction to the Trust has been really helpful. I just wanted her to be recognised for all the work she has put in. She is approachable, reassuring and always wearing a smile. A real credit to Solent NHS. Thank you, Angie!

Nomination 2: Angie has put in so much effort to organise and provide thorough training for newly qualified nurses joining the Trust. She has done a fantastic job and has taken her own time to ensure all of us are welcomed and supported. Angie is a lovely, funny and caring person and nurse.

Nomination 3: Angie has been absolutely amazing! She has created an entire 4 week induction to support myself and a large group of other newly qualified nurses as we started our roles within the trust. She has spent months creating and organising a timetable for us filled with teaching and training to ensure that we feel supported and ready to start working in the community. I cannot express how incredibly grateful i am to Angie for taking the time to make us feel welcomed. She has overcome many obstacles to making this induction work in the months leading up to it and since our start date. It makes a huge difference to each of us knowing we have her and her colleagues there to support us both now and as we grow in our first year as NQNs. She should be really proud of herself and i hope she knows that her hard work has paid off hugely. I cannot thank her enough!

Nomination 4: As a newly qualified nurse starting within the trust I was extremely nervous. Angie has put so much time and effort into making our first weeks the most welcoming and has put our minds at rest. I honestly cannot find the words to express how grateful I am for what Angie has done for all of us newly qualified nurses, not only has she put together 4 weeks of induction to prepare us but she has constantly been there throughout answering all of our questions and making us feel ready. Angie really deserves to be recognised for everything she has done for us and I know the rest of the newly qualified will agree!


Nomination 5: Angie has worked so hard to provide an invaluable NQN induction. Not only have the education, skills and experiences been a fantastic foundation to build our Solent careers upon but also she has guided us and supported us through a nerve racking experience. I now feel much more prepared and confident to embark upon my role.


We often go to Georgia with requests, questions and concerns. I'm always struck by how helpful, cheerful and knowledgable she is. More often than not, I will disturb her at her desk whilst she is busy, but she stops, answers my question - her memory for posts advertised etc is astonishing. When we are trying to get posts out, we can be quite impatient, but she is funny and patient and professional, and always gets things out quickly, often going the extra mile and sorting little details out for us. I've been in the Trust for a while and the HR team are always fantastically helpful, but Georgia has stood out for my team and we'd like to be able to say thank you.

Patient nomination! Myra was such a lovely lady. Was so kind and reassuring. Helped make light out of a horrifying situation x

Jack is always really helpful and nothing is ever too much bother for him regardless of how busy he is. He is always friendly and goes out of his way to help others and it's always with a smile. Jack is a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to work with.

I have worked with Wendy for many years and am always amazed at her consistantly calm and caring manner. Wendy always delivers a high standard of care and demonstrates excellent communication skills. wendy is a well respected team member and everyone is always pleased to have her on the shift .

Emma has continually worked above and beyond her job role, and has taken on greater responsibility, over the past few weeks. She is compassionate, driven and dedicated to her work. She is a still in her first year since qualifying but has demonstrated amazing resilience in a very challenging work place and role. She deserves some proper recognition to her contribution to the Solent workforce.

I want to praise her for being a very positive person and staying cool under pressure. I could learn a lot from Myrel's attitude.

Linda is always happy even when she has a full work schedule. She is always willing to help.

Jo truly is an inspirational leader. She role models compassion and courage even in the most challenging of circumstances. She is supportive of juniors, peers and seniors alike and always goes "that extra mile" ensuring that individuals feel valued. The way Jo makes clinical governance not only inclusive to staff of all banding and experience but also interesting is to her credit. Jo will confidently and respectfully challenge other clinicians thinking to support them in expanding their knowledge and understanding. Mental Health Services are a better place with her working as our professional lead.

Emma is a hard working manager who does her very best to make sure that the highest and most best possible support and care is put in place for her many patients, despite being under pressure with mental health efforting 1 in 4 people. She does all she can to make sure that patients who are at risk of themselves or in there journey of recovery have the right and best support possible within her team. Emma’s compassion is for her patients and staff, she always does her very best to make sure that all needs are met so that everyone who is under or within her team are in a save and caring environment. Mental health is a very sensitive illness and making the correct decision for patients must be a very emotionally and draining subject but as a manager she does all she can to make sure that everyone needs are met. Emma is a continuous hard worker who is understanding and non judgmental. She shows and has compassion for all her patients and members of staff that work within her team.

Has had a lot of faith in me and has helped me out over and over again top lady and nothing is to much for her and I think this comes from all her staff

Stuart is a great manager who not only encourages you to do your very best, but also acknowledge the work you do. Stuart is committed to the emotional wellbeing of all NHS colleagues.

We would like to nominate Michelle Wilson in recognition for championing the Solent Sexual Health, Health Advising Team.
Since her appointment as Results lead six months ago Michelle has not wavered in her support, whether it is for the team as a whole or for those of us individually who work within it. Michelle is line Manager to the Health Advisors across the Solent patch and the geographical challenges has not dampened her determination and enthusiasm in giving 100% with support, advice and development in her role.
She always finds the time within her hectic working schedule to listen to any of or our concerns and issues, and then strives alongside us to find solutions and ways in which we can resolve them.
The Health Advising team is widespread across Solent , but regardless of distance we now feel closer and work better as a team and this is due in part to the hard work and support Michelle has shown us..

The nursing team on Maples have been very flexible over the last few months, moving as needed across the Orchards to support their colleagues on the Acute ward. The team should be proud of the excellent work they do and the positive impact that their flexibility has on their colleagues and all patients at the Orchards.
Well done!

For passionate patient care ensuring patients are given comprehensive care whatever their condition.

Nomination 1: Hawthorns Ward staff and the wider Orchards Team have experienced a very challenging summer of 2018. They have been working with a high number of Registered Nurse vacancies, bed occupancy and acuity has been high whilst managing some very challenging and complex situations over a number of months impacting on all staff. They have consistently supported both patients, each other and their Maples colleagues during this challenging Summer. They have truly committed to a culture of learning and improvement and their efforts are paying off through continued improved patient feedback, staff feedback and audits. Hawthorns staff are contributing to an on going improved therapeutic environment and it is a joy to see the daily planning meetings and increase in ward based activities facilitated by ward staff. During this time they have implemented new policies and procedures including Inpatient plans of care, NEWS 2 and changes to smoking SOP and have prevented more serious incident through their vigilance and professionalism.
I believe Hawthorns Ward staff deserve recognition for their culture for learning and improving despite very obvious challenges.

2: The orchards have undergone an unprecident challenging few months. and it has been a privilage to see the teamwork that has allowed the orchards patients to be truly at the heart of focus for all. this could not have been achieved without the solent values of the staff. involved. hawthorns in particilar have worked through highly challenging and dangerous situations that would not normally be expected in this level of service. the learning and support from each team member to another has demonstrated the importance of valuing,recognising and encouraging the team as a whole, to get throgh these difficult periods. well done all.

The manager and staff are very friendly, supportive and respectful to patients and relatives on the ward.

This team have an ever growing and complex caseload. They have worked together through challenging circumstances to deliver the best care Solent can truly provide.

Nominations 1: The staff who "Man" the Reception of The Limes , are always so welcoming to patients, relatives and staff! Their jobs are manifold , each of the many individual ladies carry out their responsibilities in a way, to enable a good end product. Always polite helping all staff with any requests, sorting out enquiries, each managing their shifts to a high quality, having empathy with relatives, enabling a good warm welcoming environment to all visiting THE LIMES...

Nomination 2: For being such a welcoming first point of contact for all visitors to the Limes and working consistently to a high standard, providing an excellent administration service to the wards.

Nomination 3:The whole Reception team are always professional, helpful, friendly and considerate towards staff, patients and visitors.



Lorraine and Carol work very hard within our team. They are brilliant with their patients and always supporting the staff. We Thank them for always sorting out the stock and especially the Printers (GWMH). They deserve this reward not only for what they do for our team, but for the kind generous people they are. Thank you Carol and Lorraine- Keep doing what your doing.


heart values