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Sue is a very caring dedicated member of the team, she serves the patients well with compassion and kindness.


Lana is extremely efficient in her role as ward clerk on Lower Brambles Ward. She helps co-ordinate patients admissions and discharges and goes above and beyond to be helpful to relatives and carers. In addition to this she is always willing to support Fanshawe Ward when necessary and collaborates with clinical staff to provide a high quality of care to patients. Lana takes ownership of issues on the ward and will strive find ways to resolve these.

Allison works tirelessly to support the smooth running of Solent's Neurological Rehabilitation Services and truly strives to ensure that clinicians have more time for patient care by running efficient and effective admin services for our teams. She is am amazing personal support to myself as her line manager and nothing is ever too much trouble. I would like to thank her for the enormous contribution she makes to the efficient running of our services.

I would like to nominate Amber for this award due to the outstanding level of commitment she has shown to our patients. Amber is relatively newly qualified and joined the Trust last year. She is however clearly passionate about enhanced patient care and delivers on this daily to all of her patients. Amber recently has been involved in some very complex patient situations with the management of difficult end of life journeys for family and the patients. She has approached both situations with compassion and honesty to all involved. Noting from her initial input that consistency was needed for the families she naturally took the leadership role in these situations. Providing the much needed consistent link for the families while she supported them on this difficult journey. She ensured that other members of the MDT were involved were needed organising overnight sitters and medication in place where needed. She kept the families up to date continuously and I know that they greatly appreciated her input through an extremely sensitive time.

Jo is a very valued member of the Inpatient Therapy team. On the ward, she surrounds the therapy team and the nursing staff with endless positive energy and a sense of 'togetherness' in the work that we do to provide a great rehabilitation service. She recently had a role in her theatre group which she played beautifully and she would be attending long rehearsals after a long day of work and still would be as hardworking and driven as ever. She is dedicated to her patients, providing them with the encouragement and positive voice they need to improve and make progress. She goes above and beyond in so many ways, always making sure that we provide the best service. She is a credit to our team, and the NHS and brings love, light and friendship to everyone around her.

Nomination 2: I would also like to nominate Jo for her passion in her role as a Senior Physiotherapist. She has always been a backbone to our service providing quality care for her patients especially at times when we were short staffed, Jo with her excellent clinical and prioritisation skills managed the ward on her own as the only Physiotherapist for almost 9 months. During this time she demonstrated excellent management skills and made sure that she did not compromise on the quality of service she provided to her patients. Jo has also received personalised letter from her patient stating her care was exceptional and she was a positive influence to everyone around her. Thank you JO.

I have recently started working for the trust at Bitterne dental clinic. I have never worked for the trust or ever done this line of work in the past. Jenna has trained me. She has made me feel so welcome and I could not have learned all the key information this quickly if it was not for her. Within 4 days I was working alone without Jenna and that is thanks to her great mentoring!

Carol always goes above and beyond to support the inpatient wards and her colleagues. She gives 100% each and every day. Her thought processes are always very structured. She always ensures we are working to the best of our ability and allows and encourages us the opportunity to make suggestions for change for our patients, colleagues and the environment we work in. At the nurses conference on the 10th May we were asked who is our role model - for me I aspire to be like Carol.

I have nominated Giselle for this award due to the outstanding commitment she has shown to service line in leading teams through periods of great change. She embodies the Trust values in all of her interactions and has this year spent considerable time leading and developing teams that have gone through a great deal of change. It is a reflection of her leadership style that the team she has built has become extremely settled and the feedback from other members of the MDT is that she has gone along way to build relationships that were fractured Fostering a positive partnership approach to the management of the patients on her caseload. Giselle has also supported the East locality this year when they lost all of their clinical leadership moving to this team at very short notice for a three month period to support. I have received extremely positive feedback from the team members whom have stated that they have felt supported and listened to in their concerns for the team. She has put in place clear processes for the team building a structure for the new clinical lead going forward. It is a testament to her leadership style that her own team maintained an effective service whilst she as their leader was absent with no disruption to patient care this in turn has increased the confidence levels of her community nursing staff. Giselle is a passionate nurse and delivers to our patients a level of care that is outstanding which she imparts into her staff and colleagues. She is extremely highly thought of by all that know and work with her and staff survey feedback resonates this with staff indicating that that she fosters a team that respects each other, staff feel supported and she leads with a clear vision for the future.


I would like to nominate The Medicines Management Team in Southampton for a Solent Award for supporting me during some difficult times in my personal life. In the last few years I have lost my Father to cancer and I have been struggling to take care of my Mother who has Alzheimer's Disease. My Manager (Laura Havercan) has been so supportive during this time and has always made time to talk to me and ask how I am, even when she's very busy. Whilst this is one of the Solent Values (Showing Respect, Dignity and Compassion) it is just who Laura is! I would also like to mention the rest of our little team in Southampton and in particular Clare World and Amy Cresswell who have listened to my worries and offered so much support emotionally, but also offering to help with my workload when some emergency came up. Again, this is just who they are as people and they have certainly helped me through some bad days - Teamwork (Working Together). I have mentioned a few names, but the whole Medicines Management Team have been very kind and understanding and I feel very lucky to work with such a great bunch of people! - They meet and exceed the Trust Values without having to think about it.

This team is amazing, they give an excellent service at the Royal South Hants in rehabbing patients. The team are welcoming, fun and full of energy. They accept anyone into there team and are happy to assist and show students what they do. The IPTU team is one in a million and for a small team they make a big difference and deserve this award.

The Kite Unit team have been working tirelessly to ensure they embrace the learning from a recent HIRI on the unit. They have been open and honest in their reflections and proactive in achievement of all components of the action plan. They have supported one another as a team and strived to provide focussed patient centred care for a challenging client group. Thank you all for your hard work and living the heart values as we move forwards.

I would like to nominate the new team of clinical educators for an award due to the outstanding commitment they have provided to the service line in the increasing of the competency levels for the staff within community nursing. The team is new to the service and was initially piloted last year the success of which is down to the team members themselves with staff feedback indicating that they felt supported in the gaining of their competencies to undertake their roles. They have achieved an outstanding level of work with all staff since the teams inception and provided us as a service with a skilled work force that enhances the patient experience. They work daily alongside staff to ensure they are confident and competent in their roles and have clearly had a significant impact upon the increasing of skill mix in community nursing. What they have achieved in such a short time is amazing and staff report they feel able to meet the needs of their patients when they are out and about in the community.


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