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Kathryn has developed a great programme to prepare the Adults Southampton teams for the forthcoming CQC visits. Kathryn's approach to remind staff to think about what we are proud of and the set of resources she has collated to support the teams in their preparation has been very well received. Kathryn has shared her work with other service lines in the Southampton Care Group to support the common purpose. Kathryn's efforts have been much appreciated by us all.

Nominations 1: Jane is the best PA I have ever had the privilege of working with. She adapts so quickly to how different people work and ensures their working days are as smooth as possible. She regularly helps other people out without question and is always very considerate of others. Her kindness shines through every day, and she undertakes her work with a great sense of humour and professionalism.

2: Jane is always willing and helpful and always responds to requests with a can do attitude no matter how busy she is. I am keen to nominate her as we are all very busy and it is sometimes easy to forget to say thank you for the endless help and offers of help and make sure she is aware of how valued she is to others not just in her P.A role.

Stephen is so kind , thoughtful and has so much time and empathy for all the patients that he cares for .He has so much time , he explains everything in good detail at a slow pace so that patients understand .He is such a willing worker , never fading from his Professional focus for patients and always considers staff in helping in any way he can

Always goes above and beyond to make me feel comfortable...always got time even when she hasn't. Has the absolute patient of a saint...never complains about my attitude...has a very calming approach to my bipolar and fear of dentists.

Nominated by a Patient and service user

Nomination 1: I have only been working here at the Special Care Dental Department in Gosport for two years. But over the last two years Kath has played such a large part of me settling in and making the transmission from General Practice to Special Care Dentistry a lot easier.I found it extremely hard to adjust to community dental but Kath held my hand all the way through the steep learning curve I had to climb. Without her I know I would of failed and left to return to General Practice. Which would have been a huge shame as I’d set my heart on this job a long time ago and would have been devastated to have to have left. As clichéd as it sounds and everyone says this but Kath genuinely does go above and beyond to help not only staff members but patients as well no task is big or small for Kath to tackle.She is such a kind thoughtful amazing human being that deserves a really lovely treat.Not only do i have an incredible work colleague but I’ve also gained a friend for life.

2: I am putting forward this nomination as, for many years until 2 years ago, I was extremely lucky to work alongside her.
Yesterday I caught up with her and was lucky to witness her dealing with patients both in person and on the telephone. She was in a different role to her usual one but no one would have known this. She listened carefully, answered queries, sought out answers if she couldn't provide the answer there and then and put the patients at ease, all with a continual smile on her face. I had forgotten how lucky the Trust is to have her representing them. I know personally she has had a rough month but no one would have known this from her demeanour and continual work ethic of 'putting the patient first'. With this in mind, I feel she thoroughly deserves recognition. Many thanks.

3: Kath is always willing to go that extra mile to help. She always has a smile on her face, even when times have been tough.


I would like to put forward this nomination as she has a increasingly difficult role of which she does with passion and determination. She continually supports colleagues and is always happy to help, Her role has increased our productivity in relation to reaching our target, and I feel she deserves this

Firstly even if Emma is not successful in winning this category she will always be a winner to me. Emma's commitment, compassion and dedication to patient care is second to none, she always puts the patient first, in our field our patients are usually nervous about attending their appointments, Emma will give them the time of the day and work with them to complete their treatment which may take several visits, by her treating our patients in this way we get very few patients failing their appointments because they trust her. Not only does she treat the patients with respect she also treats her colleague's with respect also, she is the epitome of a Team Player, nothing is ever too much trouble for Emma she is not afraid of mucking in to enable the smooth running of the day, from a selfish point of view my day is made a lot easier when I work with Emma and every day is a pleasure, so I real hope these are enough reasons for Emma to be recognised for the outstanding work she does on a daily basis.

Sam is excellent at her job and she is extremely knowledgeable regarding I.T and computer issues, I can always ask her for help and she knows just what to do. She is really good with our patients and very professional. Life is made easier because of her input/skills and she is a pleasure to work with. A real team player. She thoroughly deserves recognition.

Gayle is a really friendly nurse, very professional and she always goes above the call of duty to help her patients. She always wants to make a difference to people's lives and she always try to spend as much time as she can with her patients even with all the paperwork she has to do. Gayle is amazing to work with, she knows so much about so many different conditions and the best treatment plans. Gayle is consistent with her care and always puts patients needs first.

Nomination 1: A total inspiration! Irene has dedicated many years to helping service users of Special Care Dentistry. She is always positive, with a warm smile and humour, highly professional and an absolute treasure to the team and her patients. She is going to be sorely missed by everyone. Happy Retirement!

Nominations 1: Jannine has work hard to support the delivery of the 6 month Stroke Reviews along side her role within the community Stroke Team she has been key in support the qualified staff to deliver this service. She has received plaudits and a number of specific patient feedback demonstrating the impact she has on stroke survivors she has reviewed and the changes her interventions have made.


As a Solent Operational Manager I regularly call HR Recruitment to assist me with local recruitment issues and queries. Whenever I speak to Yutte she is so helpful, responsive and calm and always sorts the problem out as best she is able and efficiently. Aware HR under pressure constantly with demands from all services but Yutte keeps her professionalism optimal and is always there to help you.

Before I started Lynne was doing the work of at least three people. Lynne has been through a tough few months in her personal life yet the support, quality and quantity of work she produces never falters. Lynne has been instrumental to the success of several projects and without her dependable and solution focused approach the Medicines Management Team would be a much poorer and less welcoming team to work in. Lynne would never put herself forward for praise but truly deserves it and for that reason, I would like to nominate her.

As an experienced Band 5 nurse Claire has been supportive towards the Team both in her capacity as TV Link Nurse and Staff Nurse. She has led with weekly Doppler clinics which has considerably improved patient care. Her knowledge and skills is invaluable to the Team. Claire is always available at the end of the phone to offer advise and support in relation to wound care. She is always happy to take on that extra visit even though she is working to full capacity. Claire is always cheerful and professional. She is an excellent role model and a highly valued member of the Team.

She is amazing, kind, caring and will always do her best to help others even when she has 1 million things to do at the same time. She is always smiling, happy and you get a sense that she really does love her job. and wants to make a difference. I feel she deserves this award as i think she doesnt really know how good she is, or doesnt seem to see how she really makes a difference to not only the team she works in but for others to. I feel this will just boost her confidence and she will see what I and im sure many other see in her and that is she is just FAB at what she does.

Nominations 1: Pam is a senior physiotherapist based in the neuro gym at QA. She is a hard working, dedicated member of staff who continually seeks to improve service delivery, evidence based practice and patient satisfaction and improvement in their condition. She has recently developed a new challenger 8 programme for parkinsons disease patients. The feedback received from the patients who attended this group has been exceptional. Pam with colleagues has presented this work at the recent research and innovation conference, which a patient attended and he spoke very highly of the difference this intervention had made to his quality of life. I know that Pam spent many hours, researching and developing this piece of work, often in her own time and has gone far and above her role requirements. I am immensely proud of her achievements and very greatful to have such a passionate , dedicated hard working therapist as part of my team. Well done and thank you.

2: Pam is dedicated to improving the lives of her patients and the service she provides. She has excellent clinical expertise and builds a great rapport with her patients. She is hard working and a real team player. Pam is always looking for ways to improve things and optimise the rehabilitation she and the team provides for the patients.

Matt is very passionate about the 'Solent Bank Staffing Team'. He works very hard every day to ensure that the Services/Wards for our Trust are provided with the additional staff they urgently require. He is an excellent Line Manager and very supportive of myself (and Bank/HR colleagues). Even when super busy, he will take the time to listen, encourage and offer advice. At our Bank Team meetings, he will bring along croissants, fruit, biscuits and plays motivational tunes for us when we arrive. He has such a lovely way about him, always friendly, approachable and with good humour. We sometimes even get a song out of him! It is a pleasure to work with him and I truly feel his hard work and dedication should be applauded.

When visiting a patient Kelly found the patient to be unconscious & unresponsive. Kelly immediately called for assistance on the team phone and I responded. Whilst travelling to the patient Kelly took the patient's blood glucose level as the patient was a diabetic (insulin dependent) and called for an emergency ambulance. When I arrived Kelly had the patient in the recovery position and was maintaining his airway. Shortly after my arrival the Paramedics arrived and took over. When Kelly had gone on to her next patient the Paramedics were in high praise of her for her quick thinking prompt action and maintaining the patient's airway. This is something I would echo and it is believed by those there that Kelly's work in her promt actions saved this mans life.

When I wanted to shadow the Mental Health service, at St Mary's Hospital, Sue was delightful and extremely helpful, in warmly welcoming me to the team. She had planned a couple of meetings for me to sit in, speak to the team and have a tour of the service. Sue was very friendly and I couldn't have asked for a better expereince of the Mental Health Recovery Team, which was all thanks to Sue going out of her way to make sure I received the full benefit that shadowing our Mental Health Recovery Team had to offer. I am very grateful for Sue's kindness and will never forget my day with the team

Jan from f2 is the most caring and dedicated HCSW I have come across. She puts 100% effort into making sure every patient is well looked after, especially those more challenging or those with dementia. She does not show the slightest bit of irritation even when questions are asked over and over again, and has a smile permanently on her face. As with most nurses and HCSW, Jan is often very busy but always manages to find the time to help either staff or patient. I am in awe of the way she settles agitated patients and her determination to get all patients up and dressed and sat in their chair. I feel Jan deserves full recognition for the time and effort she puts into the ward and also staff.

Many years of calmly, kindly and faithfully serving, showing initiative and conscientiously juggling the limited appointments slots. She is always upbeat and kind in her dealings with families and staff alike and always goes the extra mile.

Karen is a valued member of the Admin team within Solent East at the best of times; however she was recently quite outstanding. Her sheer tenacity and efficiency shone through when trying to arrange an urgent appointment for a patient in somewhat difficult circumstances. Karen used her initiative to try to contact this patient, moving Heaven and Earth to ensure the patient was seen in a very timely manner, therefore not compromising their recovery. She deserves praise for her outstanding work - it is always appreciated.

Nomination 1: Anne is professional, proactive and efficient. She possesses a friendly and sunny disposition and is a credit to the HR team and Solent NHS Trust alike. Anne is the perfect candidate for a recognition award!


Nomination 2: I would like to nominate Anne because she has been nothing but helpful during my transfer over to the bank. She is always so lovely and has really good mannerisms over the phone, gives off such a positive attitude which always makes the conversation a nicer one to have.

Mandy is an excellent nurse, leader and role model. Mandy is always calm in a crisis and works tirelessly to ensure that patients are offered the best possible care. Mandy' s presence on the ward makes it a great place to work!

Amy always goes above and beyond her role of medicines management to always assisting and answering queries. She is so helpful and informative, she knows a huge amount about her role and passes on her knowledge. She works far longer and harder than her role dictates to ensure work is completed and often becomes involved in other tasks which are not necessarily her job. She is a pleasure to work with

Nomination 1: An extremely hardworking member of the team, going above and beyond. Always helping colleagues both clinical and non clinical where possible as well as constantly helping the team when cover is needed for sickness or extra help.

2: Catherine is a long serving member of the team who still remains extremely passionate about her work. She constantly works hard to do the best for all her patients and colleagues and goes above and beyond her job role. A real asset to the sexual health team at The RSH.

Sandy joined the CPMS East team 3 years ago and over that time has become a central 'cog' to the ASD assessment pathway. She works so hard, due to her commitment to helping children with ASD or on the pathway, our numbers of assessments have increased year on year to 80 last year. She is always positive, great with parents and children alike and the pathway would collapse without her. Along with this she is a great colleague who is always reliable and works far beyond what is expected of her

Bethan has only been working with Dental service for a short period of time but has already made a massive impact. We have a very tight working relationship with her and anything we ask for is greeted with enthusiasm. The reason for the nomination is due to a piece of work she has completed which enables the service to claim for potential missed income. She worked with us to get the report built and displayed in exactly the right format, which is now fully automated and live on Viewpoint. The data enables us to check completed episodes of care and gives us the 2 months notice we require to submit the claim. In the first launch of the report we found £1500 worth of claims which could have been missed using conventional manual methods. We are now also aware of another £1500 worth of claims that are due, so we can monitor care in readiness for the claim. Bethan's confidence has also grown in strength and is able to answer questions on the spot about where the data comes from and how it has been manipulated. It has been and continues to be a pleasure working with Bethan and she is an asset to us and her team.

Since starting at Maples ward Jess has been constant - she has provided excellent supervision, listened to my concerns and needs and acted accordingly. Jess has a great way with patients, and is always happy to help others learn, Jess is supportive and an enabling member of the Maples team.

Maria is an exceptionally kind and caring member of the team. She always finds time to check that we are all ok. I am also overwhelmed with the volume of comments received from patients praising Marias care and dedication and how much she has impacted on their lifes. It brings me great joy and a huge sense of pride to have Maria in my team. She is the backbone of the NHS and all that we stand for. Thank you always for doing a job with such passion and dedication. I am immensely proud of you.

Kallan is so helpful and so pleasant. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He is also an exceptional IT support, who always manages to resolve issues and fills the team with confidence.

Anne has been absolutely wonderful. She is a compassionate lady who goes above and beyond to ensure her little patients and their families are supported, reassured and encouraged. She works in a sensitive area yet, she is honest and joyful. My son quickly warmed to her, opening up and even laughing about his delicate situation. She is a true asset to the children's continence service and it's people like her who really make the NHS. Many thanks.


There is a huge change once in a generation change coming to the way nursing students are trained and assessed. Jane has taken the lead for the Trust in establishing the coaching model on Snowdon ward, Fanshaw and Lower Brambles and is now commencing a role out of the model to the Portsmouth wards. Jane's teaching slides and methods have been commended by the University of Southampton and shared with all providers in the Wessex region. The coaching model will enable the Trust to host 3 times as many students on our wards as the previous practice allowed. The community teams will be adapting the model to suit their specific requirements. Jane's hard work has enabled the Trust to become a leader in this area.

Nicholstown has been through some staffing challenges and as a result Lisa has really gone the extra mile. Lisa never had a break and always stayed late, always saw extra patients and constantly went out of her way to make sure patients were seen and happy.

Nomination 1: Yuki our admin assistant is amazing. She is organised, enthusiastic and always cheerful and her multi-tasking skills are second to none! Despite our other full-time assistant leaving in June. Yuki has managed to continue to provide an excellent and high level of support to the SLTs, OTs and Physios based at Aldershot Centre for Health. We don't know what we would do without her. Thanks Yuki.

2: For being efficient in her work and nothing being too much trouble. She is always happy with a smile for everyone. For rescuing me with IT issues.

Reb is such a lovely lady! Always going above and beyond to support others! Reb is a valued member of the teams.

Teri has been amazing, always looking to improve herself, always taking on as much work as possible in order to take the pressure off the rest of the Pulmonary Rehab team. She's always been amazingly courteous to patients and never fails to put a smile on the faces of the rest of the team. She very much deserves some recognition for all her hard work.

Due to a combination of sickness and annual leave the Poswillo dental centre was struggling to keep the general anaesthetic list open due to staffing issues. Bridget very kindly agreed to attend on her day of annual leave so the clinic could be kept open. On this day an extra family attended on the incorrect day for a list that was already over booked. Bridget was instrumental to keeping the clinic organised and smooth running enabling all patients, including the extras, to be seen. A massive thank you to Bridget and everyone at the Poswillo centre for being such a fantastic team to work alongside.


1: Julia is a credit to the Sexual Health team. Despite the many knockbacks Julia has faced this past year, she has kept strong and maintained a positive attitude and devoted to her job. Julia is supportive and caring to all patients and even volunteers 3 hours extra each week to support patients in the community. Julia is an outstanding member of our team and should be recognised for all her efforts and hard work.

2: Kind a empathetic towards patient. Good listener & keen to progress

3: Julia is always so approachable and kind to patients and staff, putting everyone at ease and is a compassionate team member!!

4: Love working with Julia, she is always great with the patient and she is always willing to help in any situation.



Cat is excellent at her job, always going the extra mile for her patients and colleagues. She is extremely professional and a great team player. A real pleasure to work with her!

Sue is an amazing "Team Player" who epitomises Multi Disciplinary working. I work with Adult Social Care and any queries, Sue will always be available to answer them. If she doesn't know (which is rare), she can signpost to someone who does. She is helpful, considerate and will try anything to accommodate the needs for joint working. In addition, when she is on the phone with clients/patients, she is extremely professional and will refer on, if she has any concerns. Sue is friendly, supportive and we are very fortunate to have her in the same office.

Katie has always been an incredibly supportive colleague but particularly so in the last couple of months which has been a difficult time personally for me. She is never too busy to chat things through and always goes above and beyond for her team, colleagues and the children and families that use our services. Katie you're amazing - I honestly can't say thank you enough!

Stanley is a Bank member of staff who has been working for Specialist MSK since 25th June 2018 and has proved to be an exceptional member of our team. He only has to be shown once how to do things and works hard all day. He is eager to learn more and expresses eagerness to take on more and more. We have been very short staffed over the past few months and Stanley has reduced the stress levels enormously! Unfortunately he is only with us until September 2018 as he will be returning to University, but he has shown an interest in returning next year once his course is completed. He would make an excellent member of any team and I wish he was here for longer :)

Nessa is a brilliant nurse who supports her colleagues through the most difficult of days, she is brilliant at her job and the patients love her. She is funny, kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent, supportive and just goes above and beyond for her patients. She is a credit to the team and she is a joy to work with.

I would like to nominate Sarah for all her hard work in organising the practices and staff in the North. She has had her hands full with only one Governance Lead and has been doing an amazing job despite her own personal problems. She really does a lot and manages to balance it all, so she needs to be recognised for her hard work and great effort.

Dr Beadon has demonstrated excellent leadership in transforming the service model and structure. The service was revised and remodelled through the integration of Solent NHS Trust’s Specialist Palliative Care Psychology Service and Rowans Hospice’s Bereavement Service. This has enhanced the service’s resilience and responsiveness, utilising a highly effective skill mix and providing a seamless service to service users and other healthcare professionals. The waiting list for patients awaiting bereavement services has been the focus of transformation ensuring that patients psychological well being is supported. Dr Beadon has led from the front line engaging and empowering the workforce to meet the demands of the service.

Teresa is the best manager !!!! She is looking after her staff on a daily basis, talking to them and trying to solve every problem in a very kind and polite manner. I am very happy with the way that she is leading our team on Maples ward, she is the ''head'' that Maples ward ''body'' needs to function starting from the rota which is done to cover everyone's needs and finishing with getting herself involved in patients care. Well done Teresa!

She always has time for the staff, willing to help and go the extra mile, has an open door policy, Friendly and willing to help.

Caroline has worked on Snowdon over the past three years as Manager, having moved down from UHS. In this time I have seen an amazing positive team dynamic as a result of her caring and organised management. I feel she has been under-recognised over the past three years - she has brought with her skill and motivation far beyond her years. Snowdon will, undoubtedly, continue to flourish and develop under her careful management.

This manager deserves an award. So supportive of her staff, always reluctant to muck in when numbers are low and the workload is high. Respected by team members.

Nicky goes above and beyond for all her patients and she never leaves a job unfinished. She is caring and compassionate. She is also a very good manager making sure her staff are happy and never takes any time for herself. She is a great role model and I hope to follow in her footsteps in the future.

Dawn is the best manager I've ever had, often going above and beyond for her team. She is very supportive and kind and has a genuine interest for the well-being of each staff member and deserves recognition.

Jo and I haven't worked together for that long but in In my opinion, she manages to achieve the right balance between putting the patient first and adapting to the ever changing environment of the NHS. Jo has a good working relationship with all her colleagues and recognises the respective remits of all parties. I find Jo hard working, diligent and always gives recognition where its due. Jo is personally a great role model for me, she has passion and drive which is contagious and mixed with her personality makes you want to succeed and do well.

Lavinia has been proactive in pushing the service forward with regards to Accessible Information. She has worked above and beyond with the teams in developing our AI information, and getting signs for our clinics.

Nominations 1: Tracey has been such a great support to our team here at Lorsdhill. She is always positive even through the toughest of times. Always ready to listen and find an effective solution. Always approachable and interested in what you have to say. She provides fantastic care and support to our patients - something we look up to and follow as a team. She works tirelessly to keep us going and is just a lovely caring person and someone you would want to look after you if you were poorly! Someone we would like to nominate :-)

2: A lovely, skilled and knowledgeable nurse who is hard working and supportive to her team and patients.

3: Leads by example. A pleasure to work with as even when things are bleak she always finds time and the right words to say

Cheryl is an inspirational leader, since joining the team at the Orchards Cheryl has shown courage and strength, sharing her vision and encouraging every member of the team to work together, develop that vision and make it 'ours' . Thanks to Cheryl' s passion and determination, the Orchards really is a great place to work.

For being the most conscientious, approachable and selfless manager and Speech and Language Therapist!

Shelagh manages a very large team of (mostly) part time staff, Shelagh's resources are always being pulled to their utmost and yet she continues to work with compassion, a sence of humour and in fact with 'heart'. I would like to reward Shelagh's diligence, enormous knowledge and team loyalty by nominating her for this award and hope that she knows that her support of the team is what holds it all together.

For excellent leadership and management. For always making the two teams across both wards feel well supported, always going the extra mile, personalising her approach with each member of staff and knowing them well enough to do so, giving time, listening and often working and talking calls in her own time. Tre is a fantastic role model and I am always in awe of her commitment, dedication and passion for our wards. She always remains professional and is a shining example of what a matron should be.

Shelagh manages a very large team, Shelagh's resources are always being pulled to their utmost and yet she continues to work with compassion, a sence of humour and in fact with 'heart'. I would like to reward Shelagh's diligence, enormous knowledge and team loyalty by nominating her for this award and hope that she knows that her support of the team is what holds it all together.

The Reception Teams led by Marie Ames continue to provide an exemplary service for patients and staff in the East of the City and when needed supporting our Reception Teams in the West. Recently they have introduced new ways of working to improve the service and experience of patients visiting our Centres and we will now look to use this at other sites. They have also introduced a customer care questionnaire which has been welcomed by patients and they have received some great feedback. Well done Team East and keep up the amazing work!

I'd like to nominate Rachel and Audrey for the outstanding and compassionate care they show not only all day every day, but also specifically to the week leading up to the summer Holidays. A number of incidents happened with a parent and an infant sibling falling sick on the premises and Audrey and Rachel remained calm and due to their outstanding nursing skills ensured the safety of the 2 individuals. They then continued their normal job-role (with less than normal staffing levels) to the usual high standard. The care and compassion I have witnessed when they are with the pupils is fantastic and I'm proud to call them my colleagues. It would mean a lot for them to be recognised for this.

Connie and Becky are two of the most caring ladies I have met. They work tirelessly everyday to make sure everything runs smoothly at Highpoint for all colleagues and visitors. Nothing is ever too much trouble for these ladies and they do it all with a smile on their face. They really make Highpoint a nicer place to work and it wouldn't be the same without them.

The Specialist MSK Admin Team at Gosport always go above and beyond for patients. They are all dedicated individuals who are reliable and flexible. They have faced some challenges within the last couple of months and they have taken these challenges in their stride and have not let this effect the service. The team deserve acknowledgement for all the hard work they have put in this year.

I have recently joined the team in the last few months and never met such a caring and compassionate team . They strive to give the best care for the patients and their families . Also get the families and patients involved in every decision need. They are a very hard working team and very committed to there job role . I think they go above and beyond their duties.

The team always try their very best to accommodate and consider a wide variety of requests that are made to this busy unit. All Team members are without hesitation helpful, supportive and caring. The restaurant provides a heaven for many local elderly to be sure of getting a very reasonably priced hot, nutritious meal which is so appreciated, particularly in the winter months. The team also provide a wide and high standard of catering for fellow NHS groups who visit the Campus for training days and celebratory events. Well done to all; the staff on the front counters, the preparation support staff in the back of the kitchens and the admin staff who ensure all the elements running smoothly. The League of Friends at St Mary's Hospital thank you all - well done.

I am a District nursing student that has been seconded to work in the team on a temporary basis whilst completing my DN training. The team have a student District nurse every year for the summer months. I have many objectives to complete during my 8 weeks and this includes taking management responsibilities within the team and implementing changes. Not only have they welcomed me in as part of the team albeit temporary, they have embraced the changes including implementing the new shifty role and quality and safety briefing as per policy. I feel this it is particularly difficult to accept a new 'temporary' leader, especially as they do this every year. The girls are exceptionally hardworking and work as a very effective supportive team, ensuring work is shared equitably and experience and knowledge is also shared. They have been short staffed for a long period of time (although this has now improved) but have still continued to deliver care at very high standards.

Liaison and diversion has been an amazing project that works with the most vulnerable in society when they need it most. the team make a real difference to veterans, addicts, those with mental illnesses, those with learning difficulties and young peopleas they face the challenges of dealing with the criminal justice system. As you can imagine this area of work is stressful, upsetting, difficult and outright challenging. the HLDS team in Portsmouth work long shifts in difficult circumstances and deserve recognition for their loyalty and hard work.

They always help to source medication as quickly as possible to ensure patients do not go without. They are so helpful answering my enquiries that its easy to forget how small the team is. I would be lost without them.

We are consistently exceeding our service performance and Key Performance Indicators and last month recorded our highest recovery rate to date. I think we are a great team who support each other despite the pressures of meeting the needs of the Portsmouth population

Nominations - 1: The Orchards has been through some very tough times recently. Maples suffered a tremendous loss to their unit when it was damaged and the patients needed to be evacuated swiftly. Hawthorne's suffered a serious fire , again in which the patients had to be safety and smoothly evacuated. I would like to nominate every member of staff who has ensured patient safety and care and the delivery of a fantastic service. The teams worked quickly and cohesively to manage both disastrous situations and should be commended for their commitment, teamwork and professionalism.

2: Dedicated staff, teamwork under strenuous circumstances

Health Visiting, School Nursing and Family Nurses in Portsmouth as part of the Integrated 0-19 Early Help and Prevention Team are amazing. They are working with Portsmouth City Council colleagues and voluntary sector providers to deliver great outcomes for children and families in Portsmouth which is being evidenced every day. The whole team has a passion, drive and energy to deliver our changing service model in the best way they can. I am very proud to be part of the team

The commitment to care and compassion shown to the young people at all times is outstanding for all 3 teams. I consistently hear praise for these teams from both their peers and the parents / carers of the young people. Nothing is ever too much hassle and they frequently go above and beyond to ensure the best care is delivered. They are always open to suggestions of change to improve the delivery of care given. They are a friendly, welcoming, hard-working team and it's been a pleasure to work alongside them.

The vocational rehabilitation team have had a particularly challenging number of months with service change and staff shortages. They have been exceptional in keeping calm and carrying on. They have continued to provide excellent patient care and looked at ways to work in order to keep the service operational. Debbie has changed her working pattern to provide additional support to the team and Kat, despite at times being very isolated has continued to keep going and to see the positive when times have been tough. They have developed a patient forum and presented their work at the recent research and innovation conference. I am immensely proud of them and all they have achieved this year despite the difficulties they have encountered. They are both hard working dedicated members of staff who continue to strive to provide the best care to our patients.

Very helpful and friendly Team

Emma and Tasmine have both shown great resilience and on going professionalism following a very difficult incident at the end of last year. Added to this they had to overcome the additional challenge. of moving teams and localities. I would really like them to know how appreciated they are and how much the team value them.

We have moulded as a really close knit cohesive team together and we are working hard to make excellent changes in the care we provide to our patients. We have recently undergone a team review and this has highlighted all the great work we are doing, and the exciting things we can start to plan for too! We realise that we all have different skills to bring to the team and this is what makes us shine. We care for people aged 17 upwards and we think that amongst our team, there are skills that deal with all of these age groups on a daily basis. We are always willing to see people quickly and can offer help and advice over the phone, via email or face to face. We are looking at setting up modern ways of interacting with patients also - watch this space! We are going above and beyond to help upskill community nursing teams. This has involved organising clinical case study meetings for community staff so that we can share best practice and upskill staff to use evidenced based practice inform their diabetes care. This also involves putting on a lot of education for nursing and medical staff, and producing education materials too.

We currently are juggling a lot of projects which includes:

A joint venture with the district nursing teams, in bid to reduce the workload of insulin administrations Education for care homes across Southampton about diabetes care and management.               Bimonthly education sessions for community nurses.                                                                          As well as our clinical work we have recently set up a team newsletter and we also tweet a lot too in our spare time and at weekends!

We are always promoting diabetes awareness and pt self management - and do a lot of public engagement activities to promote our service and the work we do.

We work closely with the inpatient team at the SGH and also the West Hants team to ensure diabetes care is accessed and we provide a seamless journey. We have recently been invite to the Houses of Parliament to engage and fight for national policies that affects our patient groups.

We have also recently had our work promoted and published through various other players in healthcare such as the Nursing times, NHS England and the Diabetes Specialist Forum UK in a bid to raise our team profile in the trust.

I would like to nominate my old team. Liaison and Diversion has been an amazing project that works with the most vulnerable in society when they need it most. the team make a real difference to veterans, addicts, those with mental illnesses, those with learning difficulties and young peopleas they face the challenges of dealing with the criminal justice system. As you can imagine this area of work is stressful, upsetting, difficult and outright challenging. The HLDS team in Portsmouth work long shifts in difficult circumstances and deserve recognition for their loyalty and hard work.

The recovery teams work tirelessly for individuals and work well together as a team. Times can be pretty tough but they don’t give up, using their initiative to stretch limited resources to support recovery.

Nomination 1: I could not nominate just one person in Maple ward. EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE TEAM is very committed to their jobs, very efficient and very compassionate looking after our patients. Good job everyone!

Patient nomination: I would like to nominate Dr Sundaram and the nurses sam and eunice that I always see at sexual Health, southampton. I am an HIV patient so always come in for regular appointments and always feel welcome by the whole team but sam and eunice are a credit to the team. I don't feel like leaving, I can just stay and chat with them about anything. Everyone is amazing. I would like to nominate Sexual Health but also Sam, Eunice and Dr Sundaram.

The Kite Unit moved lock stock and barrel 30 miles down the M27 on January 2018 to a unit that was specially designed for our patients who have complex needs and varying degrees of cognitive impairment associated with their acquired brain injury. The staff worked extremely hard to ensure that the move went smoothly causing the least amount of distress to the patients as they left a place they considered safe and knew their way around to an alien unit and surroundings. Over the last 8 months the staff have found their way around the local community , thus enabling them to re-integrate our patients into the community nearby. More importantly they have embraced the new environment, using it to its full potential, supporting our patients through their rehabilitation journey, showing patience, empathy and. encouragement whilst enabling them to re-learn tasks that we take for granted. Thank you team for your great work and the Western staff for making us so welcome :)


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