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Irene has worked for the trust for nearly 50 years. She is amazing with her patients, so kind and always has a smile on her face. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I will be gutted to no longer work with her when she retires.

Sue genuinely has made an enormous difference to our child's future. Her calm and professional nature combined with a real care and interest in our child was obvious throughout. We are incredibly grateful for her support and she was 100% pivotal in helping his school meet his needs as well. A real star. (This nomination was sent by a patient/service user's parent).

Excellent communication skills and works great in a team.

Caring and dedicated nurse!

Lou always goes above and beyond her role to ensure the children in her can have the highest level of support. She is passionate, dedicated, kind, thoughtful and efficient.


1: Kayleigh has only been with us for about 6 months and in that time she has become a valued member of the team. During the last weekend that I worked with her she showed her maturity in dealing with a difficult situation and supporting a family when a loved one died. I feel that we provide this care but at times the support we give to families is not recognised and I feel that Kayleigh provided exceptional care to the family and prior to death the patient.

2: Think she is so caring and amazing at her job.

Nominations received from a patient or service user.

Has been a supportive and caring manger to me and is an amazing caring and empathetic nurse. Always gives 100% to ensure patient care is at its best .

Nomination 1: Knowing everything and doing everything! Nomination 2: This lady is exceptional and looks after everyone in the teams, we wouldn't be able to do our jobs as efficiently without her professionalism, humour. Nomination 3: Julie is the teams ‘guru’, her knowledge of the department and the systems we use is second to none and she will always find the time and patience to teach others. Julie is always willing to help anyone who asks and constantly goes above and beyond with her own work. She is a well respected member of the admin team. I myself only started in October and have found her help and support invaluable, I feel that Julie deserves to be recognised for the work she does for the team.

Linda is a real team player, she strives every day to support the nursing team at all levels. Linda is always there to help in a crisis and she keeps things organised and running smoothly. Linda is invested in ensuring that the team provides the best possible care and is always on hand to support this too.

Jane is the best PA I have ever had the privilege of working with. She adapts so quickly to how different people work and ensures their working days are as smooth as possible. She regularly helps other people out without question and is always very considerate of others. Her kindness shines through every day, and she undertakes her work with a great sense of humour and professionalism.

hard working, compassionate, and patient centred, Gary always works tirelessly for the care of people experiencing acute mental health problems. He is always willing to go above and beyond, and continuously has a positive and friendly disposition. He is well respected amongst patients and staff alike, and makes even the most stressful shift a joy to work on. He will consistently stay late to help out if needed, and is the BEST at de-escalation of high risk situations. He has worked in Solent for many years and I could not think of one person who deserves this recognition more.

Always positive attitude towards work. MVP on all my shift :)

Will has a passion for running and also for the health and wellbeing of people with a learning disability. He self-funded a Leadership and Running fitness qualification so that he could start a running club for adults with learning disabilities and autism in Portsmouth. The club uses facilities Will has arranged at Mountbatten leisure centre and at sites around the city. In November 2017 when the club began there were 2 regular attendees. The club has grown and now 20 adults regularly attend. In June 2018 Will organised a Golden mile race for the club members, who ran a length of Southsea seafront with marshalls and support. Will organised for the local newspaper to attend the event and the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth came to congratulate the runners and give out medals. Will has since spoken on local radio and had press articles in local publications about the running club. The impact of this innovative work has been significant including more than one member losing several stone in weight and others having greatly improved self-esteem. Will has organised a group of runners from the club who will take part in the Great South Run this autumn. All of the runners have individual training plans and support staff and carers are involved to help people continue to benefit between group sessions.

Really helping patients enjoy and experience the world cup. Buying nibbles and getting patients interested and joining them together for the experience.

Nomination 1: Her tenacity and support for the mental health service in our never ending pursuit of mental health nurses has been second to none - we wouldn't have got this far without her. Nomination 2: I would like to nominate Elizabeth for both the seen and unseen work that she does to promote Solent as a great place to work, and tireless dedication to excellent providing an experience to applicants and the customer service that she provides. In particular most recently with the Open days, recruitment fairs and the Mental Health Digital Campaign where she personally rang each person (over 40) to engage with them and promote Solent MH services. She has also supported the Mental Health service to recruit and interview securing many new staff in a really difficult to recruit service. Nomination 3: Elizabeth always goes above and beyond in helping move recruitment processes forward - most recently leading on attracting candidates for our Band 4 and Band 5 positions within Mental Health Residential Services.

Julie is the teams ‘guru’, her knowledge of the department and the systems we use is second to none and she will always find the time and patience to teach others. Julie is always willing to help anyone who asks and constantly goes above and beyond with her own work. She is a well respected member of the admin team. I myself only started in October and have found her help and support invaluable, I feel that Julie deserves to be recognised for the work she does for the team.

Gems has worked collaboratively with the parents of a child who were unsatisfied with the support across agencies for their son. She was able to remain focused on the child and develop a positive outcome for all through some extremely challenging interactions. Through honest and outcome focused conversations Gemma demonstrated the essence of co production and teamwork proving to all that everyone counts.

Allison has overcome some very difficult challenges within her Administration team over the past few weeks and I think she has done an amazing job to stay calm and professional throughout. She has kept the Neuro team at the front of all her decisions that have needed to be made whilst keeping her personal feelings aside. Allison deserves some recognition for this.

Having had one leg shorter than the other and limited flexibility in that leg for most of my life I have now reached the age of 73 and began experiencing back pain for the first time. I was reluctant to seek help for this as I imagined it was just wear and tear because of the way I walk. However, on friends' and family advice I booked in for physiotherapy at the Rehab Centre, QA hospital, Portsmouth. From the moment I met her, Ellie Shepherd put me at ease and assured me I had done the right thing to seek help. Her warm, encouraging and supportive manner ensured I thoroughly enjoyed my two sessions with her and I came away determined to follow through the recommended exercises in the confidence that they would help my problem. Ellie made it fun! I saw the advert for the nominations in the waiting room at the hospital and feel Ellie must be a worthy candidate. Nomination received from patient

Jim is a great team player, always willing to help with any questions or concerns about SolNet in particular. He will go out of his way to provide me with a solution and guidance. Nothing is too much trouble for Jim, he is always spending time round in the Hub area answering our queries and nothing is impossible to solve. Thank you Jim, you truly deserve the recognition, SolNet is not your main role however we appreciate all your help !!!

Linda is an excellent manager. Nothing is too much trouble. She is the glue that holds the team together. Linda is the person that everyone goes to for advice or support.


1: Teresa is a great support to the the team on Maples, and really encourages individual staff with their personal development. She always takes time to listen to questions, even when she is obviously busy.

2: Teresa has been an amazing ward manager since taking over last year. It is clear to see that she genuinely cares for all the staff, the ward, and the patients. She works incredibly hard to make sure patients get the very best care possible, and staff are supported, feel valued and have opportunities to develop their career. She is approachable, kind, fair and has a sense of humour. Every year she handmakes every member of staff a little Christmas present! She should be recognised for all the hard work she does.

Cheryl is always available to every member of the team, no matter how busy she is. Cheryl is a positive role model on how to deliver a great service to the children and families within Portsmouth.
I am proud to be a member of staff within Portsmouth School Nursing Service.

Nomination 1: Solent NHS is committed to supporting carers to get the advice, information and support carers need to help in their caring role. Resources for carers are signposted on their website; as employers they advertise their policy to support employees with caring responsibilities; and now also Solent NHS have a permanent banner in the foyer at Western Hospital advertising the support available via Carers in Southampton. The information was well received by professionals and carers. Solent NHS staff made the week extra special by baking and bringing in cakes to generate funds for Carers in Southampton. There are plans to strengthen the partnership with a more regular presence by Carers in Southampton offering an information drop-in in the Kite Unit in the near future. A big thank you to Steve and his colleagues for their warm welcome and valuable participation in Carers Week. They went above and beyond the ordinary; Steve found a watering can and filled our stand base up! Staff baked and brought in cakes as a fundraiser on our stall. All the team were really helpful and approachable, but Steve gets a special thank you from us as he made it all possible and was a pleasure to work with. Nomination 2: Nominated for building relationships between Solent and Southern Health at a dual occupied site, the Western Community Hospital. He has been key in assisting with communication between OPMH Inpatients Management and Solent Estates, I.T. and other Solent departments to expedite works required. Most recently Steve was very supportive in gaining senior permission for Southern Health recruitment banner to be put up on the site fence, even helping us to tie it up.

Strong leadership, kind compassionate and knowledgeable. Leads the team with Solent values, goes over and above. Supports her peers and her staff, great advocate for both staff and patients alike.


1: Over the past few months there have been some very difficult challenges on the Orchards. Cheryl has been incredible! She has kept the ward teams involved in decision making, aware of any changes, and most importantly being our advocate and biggest cheerleader when things have been tough. She always supports the teams however she can. She is approachable, transparent and really cares about the welfare of not only our patients but the staff. I think she is doing a phenomenal job at keeping the 'ball-rolling' and including us as team, every step of the way. 

2: I would like to nominate Cheryl for showing strong leadership and compassion during very challenging times at The Orchards.

3: Outstanding manager and leader who has helped the orchards inpatient service achieve new heights with the staff in the form of access to training and opportunities to share service wide and local developments and achievements. Cheryl is always approachable and happy to listen and give you her time despite her demanding work load

Maggie is always working above and beyond, leads by example and will always go that extra mile for her staff and patients. She is a great support to the whole team and will make time for all. I have learnt so much working with Maggie as I know the whole team would agree she is an asset to our team and Community Nursing.

They always help to source medication as quickly as possible to ensure patients do not go without. They are so helpful answering my enquiries that its easy to forget how small the team is. I would be lost without them.

Nina is an amazing asset to our team. As with all senior staff she is busy and being pulled in every direction. Demands on her time are high but she never ceases to find time for the staff in our team. Nina is always there if we need a chat about work or home issues and is constantly helping us to develop a good work/life balance. She is inspirational, motivating and caring. Soon after joining our team Nina took the time to get to know us all as individuals she understands what makes each of us ' tick' and always shows interest in our achievements and our goals. Nina has taken the time to get us all together and really listened to us when setting team goals for the year. As an autonomous practitioner it is easy to feel forgotten and 'left to get on with it' but this does not happen with a manager like Nina. I feel valued and supported every day and although I am aware that Nina has demands on her time and must feel in a constant rush she never lets this show to us. Other team members often mention the supportive an caring comments she makes in response to emails and the small things she always remembers and mentions- this means a lot to us all. Personally I really do appreciate the understanding that Nina has shown about my goals for the coming year including personal growth and reflection on the service I have developed. She has pointed me in the right direction and suggested a variety of ways I could obtain the tools that would help me with this project. I feel that Nina sees the good in us all and leads us in the direction that is the right one for us as individuals rather than following the easy option of setting the goals herself. As a team Nina has pulled us together with the setting of team objectives and sub working groups. I always thought we had a team that get on well but we now function well together too. If I was ever to have to choose my manager Nina would be the one! I hope that she will be considered for an award so that she will realise just how much she is valued.

Claire is an outstanding nurse, colleague and manager. She stands out because of her kind heart and approachability. She constantly goes out of her way to ensure the well being of both patients and staff.

Anna is my line manager, and also manages the small acute mental health therapies team (made up of Anna, myself (a nurse specialist in therapies), and several OT and nursing staff). She's energetic, enthusiastic and committed to continuing to build the psychological therapies profile within acute services (both residential and community arms). This has taken the form of promoting skills groups, training, clinical supervision, and reflective practice sessions for ward and CRHT staff; supporting the team in establishing group-based skills programmes for acute service users; and, at the present time, working much more closely with CRHT staff herself (including working some shifts with the team) to pay closer attention to the challenges they face and support/training needs that they have. Also at this point there is an ongoing drive towards an ageless service, and Anna is particularly involved in the setup of this and the demands it will place on services and staff. Until Anna joined (I think in 2014 or so) there was NO regular psychological input to acute mental health services in Portsmouth, which in my view is staggering (and counter to good practice guidance for acute services). I joined her in late 2015 and have really valued her as a colleague and empowering line manager ever since. Anna contributes a lot to the quality and effectiveness of acute services - although we need a bigger team to do more - and the service would be much reduced if she wasn't there.

Michelle is a very dedicated nurse who often goes beyond the call of duty for patients. The care she delivers to individuals patients is outstanding and I feel that she is a very inspirational person - both as a nurse and as a manager. Since joining the team 8 months ago Michelle has been extremely supportive and helped to develop my clinical skills and self confidence. Even when we have been extremely short staffed Michelle has always remained calm, supportive and approachable and continued to go beyond the call of duty for both patients and her fellow colleagues.

An amazing team that always support each other and share their skills and knowledge, to ensure all the children and their families, receive the best care possible.

The acute inpatient setting can be a challanging but rewarding place to work. the team show dedication to ensuring patients are heard and given time in a very complex environment. they also often shine in their ability to support one another in what can be some overwhelming and difficult situations. in addition hawthorns ward have some regular bank and agency staff that also show outstanding dedication to the team and their patients in ensuring continued smooth running of the ward and safety.

I would like to nominate the Administration Team at The Orchards for their continued support to staff and patients during challenging times over the past few months.


1: The whole team works together brilliantly to provide the best care and outcome for the patient, often going above and beyond job roles to ensure the patient is looked after. Nomination

2: Hard working, committed and passionate team. Nomination

3: Great work and great team Nomination

4: They are a fabulous team who work very hard and they deserve this! Nomination

6: The team integrated a few years ago. We have a number of different disciplines who have achieved outstanding results for the patients, reintegrating our service uses back into there everyday living and keeping patients at home with there loved ones, which in turn has kept beds free in our hospitals for extremely unwell people in our community who unfortunately are not well enough to remain at home. Everyday through out the team we hear from our service uses that they would not know what to do with out this amazing service... Portsmouth rehab team and the wonderful NHS whom we are all very proud to work for. A service that is unrivalled giving care to those who live in our local community and beyond. I personally have worked for 21 years for the NHS in many different roles. I know this Team deserves to be recognised for there dedication, commitment, compassion and empathy each member of staff gives to there patients on a daily basis. This is an integrated team that works as a 'team' for the good of the community at its heart. Nomination

7: PRRT is a very competent team and always go the extra miles to meet the needs of our patients. Nomination

8: Our team works hard throughout the year to provide high quality care to patient and support family's. Providing therapies and nursing interventions and hospital discharges. Team members as dedicated and truly amazing! Nomination


10: Brilliant team who are very efficient in their job and very caring. Always looking out for the needs of the patients and helping whenever they can. Nomination 11: PRRT are a very dedicated team helping patients to rehab in their own homes and support discharges from hospital relieving pressure on the acute trust. They also do an amazing job with preventing and avoiding admissions within the community. They are a very supportive and caring team Nomination

12: Excellent leadership and teamwork. Deliver high standards of care that is patient centred. Always willing to be flexible to ensure demands on the service and patients needs are met. Demonstrate good collaborative working between health and social care Nomination

13: Great management Great Staff Job satisfaction Nomination

14: They all are a great team that work together for the best out for the patient every single person go over and beyond to put the patient back on there feet and stop hospital admission Nomination

15: They all are a great team that work together for the best out for the patient every single person go over and beyond to put the patient back on there feet and stop hospital admission Nomination

16: Great Multidiscipline Team, keeping patients out of hospital and supporting them back to independence. Nomination

17: Supper team, very diverse, put under pressure daily and team constantly pull together to meet the demand Nomination

18: Have responded to continuing demands in the urgent care pathway, continually innovating, adapting and flexing to meet requirements whilst continuing to prioritise quality and safety. Determined to deliver true integration with social care. Highly respected by partner organisations. Excellent leadership and teamwork.

19: The team are an amazing example of NHS & Social Care working together to rehabilitate patients & I feel proud to be part of such a brilliant team

20: Great Management, Great Supported Team caring and passionate, Job satisfaction.

The team always try their very best to accommodate and consider a wide variety of requests that are made to this busy unit. All Team members are without hesitation helpful, supportive and caring. The restaurant provides a heaven for many local elderly to be sure of getting a very reasonably priced hot, nutritious meal which is so appreciated, particularly in the winter months. The team also provide a wide and high standard of catering for fellow NHS groups who visit the Campus for training days and celebratory events. Well done to all; the staff on the front counters, the preparation support staff in the back of the kitchens and the admin staff who ensure all the elements running smoothly. The League of Friends at St Mary's Hospital thank you all - well done.

The whole service has undertaken a complete transformation and launched a new Early Help offer and Universal Offer whilst still continuing to delivering care to children and their families. The whole team from admin to team coordinators have all worked with commitment and passion to ensure the new service offer was rolled out across the city and everyone has been supportive and understanding at what has been a busy and challenging time. The team is amazing!!

I work in a amazing caring team.We strive for a patient centred approach,with an emphasis on a patient's goal's for recovery. ( If appropriate) We always strive to work safely and effectively with our patients and relatives.. We ensure patient's and loved ones are involved through out our admission and involved wherever they can through to the discharge..

The Orchards has been through some very tough times recently. Maples suffered a tremendous loss to their unit when it was damaged and the patients needed to be evacuated swiftly. Hawthorne's suffered a serious fire , again in which the patients had to be safety and smoothly evacuated. I would like to nominate every member of staff who has ensured patient safety and care and the delivery of a fantastic service. The teams worked quickly and cohesively to manage both disastrous situations and should be commended for their commitment, teamwork and professionalism.

Compassionate friendly hard working team who are highly skilled, they go over and above their duty to ensure best care is given. Wonderful admin who single handily ensure the team and the people who use the service get a great service.

The North Health Visiting Team have been delivering the new Health Visiting model of Enhanced Child Health Visiting Offer (ECHO) since April this year. The team have really embraced the new way of working and should be commended for their hardworking and commitment to the programme. We have a skill mixed team consisting of admin, community health nurses and health visitors, all of which are instrumental in the successful delivery of the Echo programme. The team are very supportive of one another, offering to make each other cups of tea and coffee. Everyone always has time for one another to ask each other about their day or to cover essential work. Anyone new who comes to the North team always comments how kind and caring everyone is which makes the work environment so lovely for everyone. I feel very privilaged to be part of such a caring, hardworking and thoughtful team.

Nomination 1: The nursing team on Maple ward work collaboratively to ensure that patients receive excellent care, the team pull together and support one another through challenging times and always strive to develop and improve. The nursing team on Maple ward are responsive to change and always engage in improvement initiatives to ensure that they are delivering the best possible care. Nomination 2: A ward where you could see who works with the values of Solent NHS. Staff are so brilliant, With a very good camaraderie. There's very good teamwork and they are very helpful and get along with agency staff that comes to their ward to help them cover with their shifts when crisis arises.

I have severe and complex mental health issues and am extremely phobic about going to the dentist and haven't been for years. An accident led me to needing dental treatment and I was referred to the Special care dental clinic in Andover. Anne Marie and her dental nurse Stella have gone over and beyond what they need to do. They have worked closely with the mental health team involved in my care and took an active role in helping with the psychological programme to help me be able to go to the dentist. They are both extremely skilled both clinically and in providing reassurance and care to make things less frightening. They are extremely non judgemental which I really appreciate. The whole team including Denise the receptionist are friendly and welcoming and do everything possible to put you at your ease. I am working on reducing my fear and have been able to commence treatment due to the team when a couple of months ago I never thought I would have the nerve to enter the building let alone the clinic room. I can't thank them enough. Patient nomination

This team has been proactive in demonstrating their contribution to the wider Solent Business Plan. They have actively worked to understand their role and all staff objectives reflect this so that everything they do contributes to the 5 focus areas. This has enabled to team to have direction and energy to develop the service to meet the needs of children and families. They are an example of how a team lives the Solent Values as, these values, are the bedrock on which they work with children, families and each other.

The team are tirelessly striving to raise the profile of School Nursing Service which always seemed to be in the back ground. They are providing valuable drop ins in the City schools and are supporting and working with children, young people and their families and building strong and valued partnerships with the many schools . The team are embracing change, working with challenging caseloads and demonstrate the HEART values in their work and with eachother. It is a very caring and close team which is often commented on by visitors shadowing. I am very proud to be part of the team and proud of how far we've all come and excited about how far we can go.


heart values